Travel Tuesday: Malta Review – It Grows on You

I met a mature man at Mellieha Bay beach yesterday and he said: “It grows on you” while describing Malta.

That’s exactly how I feel after nine days here. In fact, the historic island grew on me so much that I’m now considering extending my stay! I passed by a boutique hotel today and I plan to check with them to see if they have availability for the week after I check-out of my current hotel.

It’s been an interesting nine days since I arrived to Malta. On some days, I would feel tired of having to figure things out on my own and researching stuff. Then on other days, I feel so in love with the place, its friendly people and rich history.

If you still didn’t check out last Tuesday’s blog post about Valletta, you can read it here.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster since I got here and the Full Moon energy isn’t helping.

I will admit that in most of my first week here, I wasn’t accepting traveling alone and I even started dreading my future trips!

On one rainy evening – where it rained really hard here – I spent the entire night looking for a fortune teller in Malta!

I eventually found one and I even tried calling her numbers. Then I met some locals who told me that she’s not legitimate.

So you can understand how I was feeling in those days and how I wasn’t happy with my situation.

Then by the end of my first week, I started to not only accept my solo life but to even enjoy discovering places that are aligned with my soul essence and personality.

I’m now excited to share with you my favorite spots and Malta’s hidden gems, because I’m all about authentic experiences.

I’ll be writing more blog posts and stories from the last nine days. But for now. let me share some snap shots from today!

I started my morning by visiting ‘Top of the World‘ in Gharghur. It’s a hilltop town where you can see panoramic views of the island. There are so many walking trails and it’s the perfect place for a long walk or jog.

Top of the World Malta


Magnificent Malta


panoramic views of Malta


Coffee at Berta Gharghur


Maltese Platter at 67 Kapitali

For lunch, I went to British-owned 67 Kapitali and I ordered a Maltese platter with a selection of cheeses and Pastizzi. I also replaced the bread with the herb roasted potatoes. I can tell you that almost everyone who passed by was staring at my dish. It was so fresh and tasty and I want to go back there before I leave Malta for sure.

If you choose the Maltese platter, you get to select from so many options and the platter is served with marinated olives, homemade chutney and some potato chips. I also had a refreshing pink gin cocktail with my platter.

Living your best life: Maltese platter at 67 Kapitali


Pink gin at 67 Kapitali


Leaving you with some street photography from today’s afternoon walk around town…

Valletta street art


Baroque Valletta


Valletta vibes


Valletta harbour


A historic alley in Valetta


Ferry to the three cities


Malta Review

Malta Review: Valletta harbour


Laguna Marina


Malta Review: Beauty in the Marina


Laguna Marina Floriana


Malta Review

Malta Review: Laguna Marina Valletta Waterfront


Stay tuned for more stories and tips from Valletta!

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