Travel Tuesday: Visit Malta to Experience Magical Valetta Vibes

I’ve been MIA for a while because I was busy preparing for a trip and then traveling.

So grateful for the privilege of being able to travel and explore new destinations and countries.

This time, my intuition took me to the historic island of Malta. It’s my first time here and so far, I feel like I belong.

I write this blog post from my hotel room with the windows open and music from nearby bars playing in the background.

Almost everywhere I go, the playlist and music choice matches my taste!

I’m staying in the baroque capital city – Valletta and it feels so aligned with my soul essence.

It’s a world away from Dubai in every sense. First, there’s no pandemic and life is normal here.

On my first evening, I went out for a walk and I was the only one wearing a mask outside! It felt awkward at first because I had been living in Dubai since the pandemic started. Over there, masks are mandatory indoors and outdoors.

I’ve been living a pretty much pandemic lifestyle. Malta is the complete opposite.

They only have like 15 cases here and so masks are not mandatory outside. Even inside, it’s very flexible and you can wear them if you like.

It felt so liberating to walk around in cool weather unmasked. It also feels good to live a normal life again!

No words can explain this feeling but I’m sure you know what I mean. I’ve been living a pandemic life since March 2020 up until I landed in Malta on Sunday afternoon!

Since I have so many pictures to share and I have a dinner reservation tonight at the hotel’s Michelin star restaurant, I’ll just share a few snap shots from the past two days. I can share more pictures from my trip once I’m back in Dubai.

Valletta has a city vibe to it, since it’s the capital city of Malta. But the energy here is good and most importantly, matches my personality.

Do you have a place that matches your soul essence and personality? Did you find that place? Let me know in the comments!

I’m so grateful for this discovery. In another post, I’ll share with you how I got to make the decision to visit Malta and the steps that led me to finding a place that matches my personality.

The best part? everyone here speaks English so I don’t need to learn a new language!

Maltese is a hybrid of Arabic, Italian and English. So fascinating.

I’ve also had so many powerful synchronicity stories in the 48 hours or so that I’ve been here!

What would you like to know about Malta? What content do you want to see? Let me know!

Here are a few pictures from the past two days. The picture of me in the Blue Grotto involved a hike and following a girl I met at the sightseeing bus. I also grazed my knee while walking through the rocks to get to the edge of the cliff. So I hope that you will appreciate the effort that went into creating it!

Sending you good vibes from historic Valletta! Stay tuned for another blog post on Friday on Soul Collective blog.


Visit Malta: Valletta streets


The Blue Grotto


San Anton Gardens


Visit Malta

Mdina ally


Visit Malta

Mdina door


Visit Malta for Valletta views

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