Stop Reacting! You Are a True Co-Creator of Your Reality

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Today, I’m taking things slow. It’s important for us to listen to our body and follow the signs that it gives us.

Because I feel tired and low on energy, I decided to cancel a trip to the mall I was going to make this afternoon.

I have to honor my body and respect it when it’s not feeling 100%. Despite the fact that my mind tells me that I have to get things done before an upcoming trip, I choose to acknowledge and quieten that voice. I tell it that I can get these things done next week.

When we grow up in a home environment where our emotions or selves are not validated, we become adults who constantly ignore our intuition and feelings. It takes simple practices like meditation and awareness to change this.

Stop Reacting Today

Another thing that we do without noticing is living in a reactive mode, instead of a creative one. I recommend that you stop reacting. 

When you are in a reactive state of being, you are basically living as an expression of everything that’s happening around you.

The truth is that we are all powerful creators and masters of our own reality. In each moment, we have a choice and an opportunity to create a different reality for ourselves.

What you can do to re-activate your natural creator mode is to practice silent mediation and focus your energy within.

When you do this, you start to believe in yourself more. You see yourself as a powerful creator and manifestor.

Instead of being triggered by everything that’s happening in your physical reality, you start to vibrate on a higher frequency.  You attract like energy to you. You’ll stop reacting.

Control Your Inner State

When your inner state of being is solid and at a high vibration, you’ll find that you are less affected by what’s happening in your surroundings.

Think of it as getting your power back (which was always a part of your soul essence) and using it to create, instead of react.

When you live your daily life out of this magical vibration, you will start to care less about what other people are doing. It won’t matter what they think of you and what their opinions are about you and your life.

Instead, you will focus on creating your own magical reality. You’ll step into your future self and reach the next level of your soul.

You will also begin to attract other high vibe people who believe in themselves and in your abilities and who support you.

Today, I encourage you to step into your power.  Focus your energy within and be the limitless version of yourself which you are born as.

An empowered life is one where you are constantly creating your reality, not consuming everything that’s happening all around you.

Wishing you a lovely day and weekend ahead!

stop reacting

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  • Shawn chatman says:

    I appreciate these messages so much it’s finally starting to click with me and I feel better already bless 🙌🏽

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