Wellness Wednesday: Self-care is Sacred – How to Prioritize Yourself

I feel tired and depleted. Apart from the full moon energy, I’ve been feeling this way for years.

Sometime in 2018, I went to see an internal medicine doctor for some symptoms that I was experiencing. We did all sorts of blood tests and even a breath test, everything came out normal.

The symptoms never went away. I just stopped visiting that doctor because she couldn’t identify the root cause of the symptoms.

Fast forward to today, I went for my first hair IV treatment at a clinic that I recently manifested. You can read that story to find out how I discovered this integrative medicine clinic here.

I also did annual checkup blood tests and hormone balance ones last week. I’m excited for this wellness journey and I look forward to sharing the results with you.

How to Prioritize Yourself

If you were raised in a home that values education, success, hard work and career, then most likely you prioritize all these values over your health and wellbeing.

You make time for career goals, advancement, success, education, workshops and other mind-based activities.

But you forget to take care of your body and soul. And to be honest, they’re strongly connected.

This morning, after my appointment, I headed over to the hotel right next to the clinic and I sat in the lobby lounge terrace.

I ordered a nourishing pink detox juice and I sat outside with the sound of the birds in the background. It felt so peaceful and zen.

During the IV drip treatment, I requested to just have the sounds of nature (birds and water) for the entirety of my session.

These two hours or so of my day felt sacred. I was honoring my body and soul and prioritizing my own health and wellness.

I was putting myself first, second and third. You can read last week’s blog post with this title here. And it felt so good!

Why self-care is a sacred habit

Apart from feeling good, when you respect your body, treat yourself well and prioritize your health and wellbeing, other people have no choice but to respect you and value you.

It all starts with you. If you want to attract people (whether a partner or friends) who value and respect you, then start respecting and valuing yourself more.

You are worthy of good things. Just tune into this energy and the Universe will bring more things your way to help you get on this path.

Make self-care a habit by incorporating one ritual to your daily routine. You can also treat yourself to a nice meal at a restaurant or a cafe. Read about this daily self-love ritual here.

I’ve booked a general teeth cleaning for tomorrow morning. It will be my first since the summer of 2019! I usually get the cleaning done every six months, but I chose to avoid dentists in the pandemic. I guess it’s now time because I set the intention for 2022.

This year is all about the physical looks, taking care of my health and body, learning hair and makeup skills.

It might sound easy, but if you don’t intentionally make time for all these activities, you will end in the old pattern of work, eat, watch Netflix (which I never watch b.t.w.).

If you want suggestions on how to spend your evenings when you stay in, let me know in the comments.

Commit Every Day

I never watch movies or anything like that. But I’m happy to share with you how I spend my evenings in a future Wellness Wednesday blog post.

Next Wednesday’s blog post will be about a brand new topic, so stay tuned and sign up to the blog for updates.

Until then, I encourage you to commit to one self-care ritual each day. It can be as simple as using a hair mask, a face mask, a foot scrub/cream or going for a mindful walk.

Let me know how you commit to your self-care routine and what challenges do you face when you try to follow a routine?


How to Prioritize Yourself

Hair IV therapy session


How to Prioritize Yourself

How to Prioritize Yourself: Pink detox with views

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