Wellness Wednesday: My Life Isn’t Perfect – I Choose What to Focus On!

Wow! this last full moon was SO intense!

Until today, I’ve been having vivid dreams, bad dreams, all sorts of experiences – mostly negative.

This is always a good thing because the full moon is a powerful time for releasing the old energy to make space for the new!

I honestly can’t even begin to explain how intense this full moon energy has been for me!

Today’s post is personal and all about me. It’s also inspirational and insightful.

If you See me as Unrelatable

First, let me explain one thing. Like you, I also go through bad days, feel down at times or like today; I’m so angry for no reason!

The reason that you don’t see these aspects of my personality or life is that I choose not to share them.

I just posted to my Instagram feed today about the universal concept: What you focus on, expands.

This NLP concept is the main reason that I choose not to share my horrible past, bad stories from my present or any negative emotions and stories.

When you focus on anything, you are giving it more energy and power.

Let’s say that you are single and you keep complaining about this fact or talking about it with your friends, well then you are merely expanding your single status and attracting more of it.

You can read about this fundamental law of attraction concept in this blog post.

So if I focus all my energy, content, blog post stories and social media posts on the past (stories and incidents), then I’m merely recreating it in my present. And that’s the last thing that I want to do!

I’ve done so much inner work to release that past and all its emotions, blocks, limiting beliefs, negative patterns!

So for me to continually share bad stories from my past won’t help me manifest a magical reality, that’s waiting for me to line up with it!

I do share some personal stories from my past and how they helped me evolve and grow.

I’ve been sharing these kinds of stories on my Facebook Page every Saturday. So go and Like the page if you still haven’t.

Leading with Change 

Another thing that I would like to add is that if I choose to share negative and bad stories from my life, then how can I be a leader for change and manifestation?

I aim to support you in creating your dream reality and manifesting all your desires.

So if I keep dwelling over the past or sharing negative things from my present, how is that helping anyone?

I choose to lead by example. This means that I show you the way to create a different life for yourself and how it’s done at optimal speed.

If we all live out of our old habits, old narrative, victim mindset, then we are all going to stay STUCK in the past!

You have a choice. You can either focus your energy on the past and recreate it in your present reality.

Or you can bring awareness to your thoughts, habits, actions and words and make them matching that future vision that you have for yourself and your life.

If I’m not unrelatable enough and doing things differently, then how will I create change and lead?

If I’m doing things and having a lack or victim mindset, then how will I show you that there’s another way to live?

Of course, that wouldn’t be possible!

This is why I’d rather stay unrelatable and unreal – if that’s how you feel – and create my magical reality.

Then, when you see how different my past and present/future self are, you will feel inspired to shift your mindset too!

It all comes down to mindset and awareness.

My Daily Ritual isn’t Fixed!

I want to make something clear after sharing my daily lockdown life routine in two posts.

Some days I don’t train or dance or move my body at all like that past week, for example.

The Full Moon energy was so intense, and I wanted to take things easy and honor my body and how I was feeling.

So I wasn’t able to dance, train or do anything. I followed how I feel and took things at a slower pace.

Another time when I skip working out or dancing is when I have to clean my apartment.

Because I do my cleaning over several days, I sometimes choose to skip training because of the time that cleaning takes.

That’s OK. As long as I’m doing what I feel like doing and I’m not forcing my body to do anything that it’s not ready for.

There’s also a sense of excitement and something to look forward to.

Because as long as I still don’t have a fixed daily routine, then I’m always looking for ways to make things work!

The routine also changes and evolves as I do. Like with everything else in life.

There’s always room for improvement and for adding or removing activities from the schedule.

I hope that I managed to make myself clear and that you can get why I choose to share the highlights of my life.

I also want to remind you that I’m back to posting to Instagram, and I post a question at the end of each post, so feel free to comment with your thoughts.

Client Success Stories

The client success stories page is now live on Saudi Diva. You can read testimonials from recent clients and get an idea about Soul Collective coaching.

Are you aware of your thoughts and whether they are aligned with your future self and vision?

Do you notice when you have thoughts that are recreating an old story or narrative?

Do your thoughts, habits, actions, and words reflect your past self or your future self?

Let me know in the comments and follow my Facebook Page to read personal stories each Saturday.

What to focus on

My life is not perfect! What to focus on.

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