Wellness Wednesday: Match your Vibration to the Energy of your Desire

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

I feel so grateful for a plethora of things…

First, for being alive and in good health. That’s a true blessing and gift that compares to nothing.

Second, for managing to take the inner child and tantra healing groups at Osho Miasto last October/November.

The integration from these two, powerful groups continues until today. So I feel extremely blessed and grateful that I took the decision to do that work last year.

I also feel very grateful for the two months that I spent in Bali as part of my synchronicity book project.

Starting the 20th of March – this Friday – Bali will be in lockdown and the airport won’t be allowing any tourists in.

So my timing for my two-month Bali trip was perfect! the coronavirus outbreak started towards the last few days of my trip.

As soon as I got back to Dubai, things escalated and travel bans were put in place all over the world.

I feel so grateful that I made that trip as I always wanted to spend a longer time on the magical island.

Start Living out of the Vibration of your Desire

This tip is related to last Wednesday’s post about aligning your energy with your soul mate vision.

The reason that I’m writing about this topic again is that I feel that there’s more explanation that I can make.

Let me give an example. Let’s say that I want to feel supported emotionally in a healthy romantic relationship with a partner.

In order for me to manifest the vision in my physical reality, my energy has to match that of my desire. Your vibration is essential.

So if I want to feel full supported and taken care of, I need to start feeling that way now.

While the truth is that my father never supported my career choices and I never really had any kind of emotional support when growing up.

To break this vicious cycle, I can start nurturing myself and giving myself the support and care that I truly deserve.

In these kinds of situations, you have to use your imagination. You need to imagine your future self and life. And then start thinking, acting and feeling in a way which is aligned with that vision.

Activate the Emotion of Support

Another hack is that I can activate the emotion of being supported and nurtured in other ways.

Like being supported by my digital marketing agency. They are very professional, understand me and my vision really well, always have my best interest in mind and are on the same page as me when it comes to personal growth and development.

I can also feel the support of genuine friends and blog readers. These are all ways to activate the emotion of being supported and taken care of.

Because the truth is, that everything that you seek outside of you is already within you. As cliche as this sounds, its’ true.

Whatever you are seeking from the external world is already accessible within your own soul. You just have to tune into it.

The same goes for abundance and love. We have all of these things within us. We just need to do the inner work to release the limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck and blocking us from our own sources of love and abundance.

I have a very exciting Manifestation Monday story to share with you next week.

It’s about how simple manifestation is and I show that with a recent example from my real life.

Until then, stay safe and talk to you soon!



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Start Living out of the Vibration of your Desire

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