Wellness Wednesday: Align your Energy with your Soul Mate Vision

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

I hope you’re feeling OK after the Super Full Moon in Virgo. I personally had a bad headache all day yesterday and it only got better after I took some pain killers at the end of the day.

The energy of this full moon is so intense and a lot of releasing and clearing is still taking place.

In other news, I just read an email from Osho Miasto informing me that the training that I signed up for has been cancelled.

They had to make changes to the schedule after the Corona virus outbreak and the Italian government rules around this.

Since I already booked flights and a hotel stay for around mid-April, I will keep following the news and will contact the hotel tomorrow to find out more information.

Because I trust that things are always lining up for my highest good, I’m not concerned at all with these cancellations and changes.

I have strong faith that when the time is right, I will take that training and things will get better eventually.

It’s also important to not feed the fear that the media everywhere is communicating.

Yes, there’s a virus outbreak, but there’s no need to add fear to the stories and situation.

Governments like Italy are taking preventive measures and keeping things under control, so there’s no need to worry or add to the fear.

And when you feel fear, then more of that collective energy is created and this only adds to the negativity of the situation.

Talking about the energy we emit, I felt that it’s important for me to share an insight that I just recently got.

Emit the Energy that you Want to Receive

The powerful realization that I had was about manifesting a life partner.

I basically realized that if I want to manifest a healthy relationship with someone who is emotionally present and available, then I have to emit a calm and centered energy as if it already happened.

How can I possibly align with my healthy soul mate vision when I’m in survival mode? it doesn’t work that way.

The way for you to understand this is to think: How would my future self feel and act?

When I’m experiencing a healthy and loving romantic relationship, I will feel calm, grounded and centered.

And that’s exactly the energy that I need to emit Right Now!

Because that’s how the law of attraction works. My vibrational frequency has to match that of my desire. As simple as that.

So whatever your soul mate vision feels like, your task is to align yourself to that future energy in the present moment.

If you imagine yourself feeling content, fulfilled and happy, then start doing things that activate these emotions today.

I’ll be talking more about aligning with your future self in Friday’s post on the Soul Collective blog, so stay tuned for that.



Soul mate vision

Align your energy with your soul mate vision

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