How to Feel Grounded and Aligned Wherever you Live!

We’re experiencing another Full Moon these days, so if you’re feeling confused or sad, just feel your emotions.

I’ve been having disturbed sleep for the past couple of nights. I’m hearing the voices of people from the past in my head!

All you need to do is feel these negative emotions instead of suppressing them. This is how you can let go of the old energy.

Weight Loss as a Lifestyle

I wrote this post about how I gained around eight kilos since the last time I checked my weight! I also spoke about the impact of the pandemic on our general health and lifestyle.

Since getting back from my Malta trip, I’ve been aiming to go for a walk each morning. I skipped a few days when I wanted to focus on getting stuff done at home or wasn’t feeling well.

But in general, I feel so much better with this new habit. It’s more about my emotional health than anything else.

I end each walk by having coffee somewhere and checking socials and connecting with friends.

This simple habit made a huge difference to my emotional health and wellbeing. It’s mainly because it’s aligned with my true self.

Since the pandemic started, I would start my day with meditation, a healthy breakfast and then immediately log into my laptop.

This way of starting my day has its roots in my family conditioning. The conditioning that says that you have to be productive all the time and not waste a single moment of your life doing nothing!

In reality, it’s so much healthier to start the day with some type of activity and movement.

Once I get back from my walks, I do other things. I prioritize having a healthy lunch before doing anything work-related.

It’s such a powerful shift and I feel so good these days. And I believe it all has to do with finding my true self and aligning my lifestyle and personality with that soul essence.

Feeling Centered Wherever you Live

Another thing that this new habit made me realize is the fact that I can feel grounded and centered no matter where I am.

Although I live in a big city, I managed to explore some of the parks and the natural places that we have.

I actually discovered a very green pond park last week and I was so happy to walk around and sit for a coffee outside.

How this Relates to Manifesting

I wrote a blog post a while back about how feeling centered and grounded can speed up the manifestation process. You can read it here.

Basically, I was talking about how finding the places that resonate with your soul in your town can help fast-track your manifesting.

What this means is that when you uncover the real you from under the family and societal conditioning, you can find the places that have an energy and vibe that resonates with your personality.

And when you live in alignment with the real you – no matter where on earth you are – you can manifest your dream life and person faster!

I hope that this concept is clear, but please feel free to comment with your questions if you have any!

I personally spent a little over a decade living in Dubai (I moved here in April of 2010) and only lately (like in the past few months), I feel like I’m actually living in alignment with the real me and finding my places and people.

My new wellness routine is linked to this. Because walking in parks – and in general – is an activity that I really enjoy.

No matter where I am, I love to explore a town by walking everywhere. I even do this in Dubai sometimes!

I don’t use Google maps or any other app while traveling (only when I have Wifi). So when I’m walking, I rely on my sense of direction (which is really bad!), help from other people and the directions that I checked on my phone before going out for walk.

I share all of this to explain what finding the real you is like and how liberating and powerful it feels to live from that place!

Do you feel like you’re living in alignment with the real you on a daily basis? What are your favorite spots in your town?

Do you go to places and connect with people who resonate with your vibe and energy? Are you avoiding places that don’t?

I would love to know which stage you’re at now when it comes to feeling centered and grounded in your daily life.

Let me know in the comments!


Feel grounded: Finding the real you


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Feel grounded: Living in alignment with your true self


feel grounded

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