Wellness Wednesday: My Weight Loss Journey

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Pandemic Life and Weight Gain

Since the pandemic started, I’ve been less active and so I gained weight. Being a foodie, I was also practicing cooking and testing new recipes at home. And although I was on a vegan meal plan five days a week, the portions and calories weren’t controlled.

Trust me, I’m someone who never weighs themselves or cares about calories. But all of this changed once I turned 41 last July and things started going downhill!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been struggling with weight loss. At some point, a sales lady at a store was convinced that I was pregnant! I was wearing a loose flowing top with pants that had a belt attached to them. So my belly was really bulging in that outfit. But still, I tend to gain weight mostly in my belly and core.

Fast forward to yesterday, I decided to check my weight for the first time in three years or so! Yes, I rarely bother with these things. I’m the type of person who values health and only cares about the shape of their body and how it looks in clothes.

Weight Loss Journey

I was shocked to see that my weight was 8 kilos more than the last time I noted my weight sometime in 2018!

My height obviously hasn’t changed. But my weight has dramatically increased over the past year or so and I was shocked!

Luckily, I had just signed up to a 1400-calorie vegan meal plan. And I plan to start intermittent fasting on weekends.

I also get to walk more and be active in the winter – when the weather cools down in Dubai.

Once I get back from a two-week trip, I’ll switch to the 1200-calorie meal plan and see how it goes.

I’m not obsessed with weight loss or anything. But I feel that life after 41 is different!

Although I always eat healthy food, my body doesn’t seem to process it in the same way it did in the past.

The only thing that I’m doing differently now is controlling my portions and calories. I always watched the quality of my food and went for healthy options.

What are you Struggling with?

Now that I shared with you my latest weight gain struggles, I want to hear from you.

What are you struggling with the most in this pandemic lifestyle? What has been the biggest change for you this season?

Let me know in the comments! I would love to help!

Weight loss journey

Weight loss journey

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