Why Feeling Grounded Helps You to Manifest Your Desires

It was my last evening in Bali and I was having dinner with my two soul sisters at a pizzeria in Seminyak.

That was the evening right before my last flight back to Dubai on March 2. Pre-pandemic.

At the end of our magical farewell dinner, while all three of us were standing outside that cool pizzeria, my friend Ceria said something that only makes sense now!

She was talking about how the next time I visit Bali and plan to stay long-term, it would be good to rent a place for a longer stay.

So that I would stay in one place instead of moving around from one place to another. She even used her hands to make a gesture that implies jumping around and floating.

What’s interesting is that at the time of that dinner, her words didn’t mean much to me.

I always viewed myself as an explorer and adventurous person. So for me, staying in different towns (and at various hotels) was the norm. I like to always divide my time between Ubud, Canggu and Seminyak when in Bali.

I spent one month in Canggu, two weeks in Ubud and the last two weeks in Seminyak.

Although I might skip Seminyak in future trips as it’s very touristy and commercial. Not my type of place.

Why Feeling Grounded Matters for Manifestation

When you feel grounded in your life and have your favorite spots that you frequent. Like for me that’s my favorite cafes and coffee vans in Dubai. My grocery stores of choice. And I guess that’s about it for now ?

The LOA concept behind this is that if you’re not feeling centered or grounded in your reality, then attracting something magical to you – or anything at all – can be really tough.

Because when you’re living a nomadic lifestyle and not building roots anywhere, everything is fleeting and magnetizing things to you becomes challenging.

What you can do when traveling or moving around is to have your favorite spots and daily grounding rituals.

That way, even if you’re exploring different places, you can still have your roots at each destination.

Trust me, this works. I manifested someone in Bali when I was staying in one villa in Canggu. In that specific trip, I stayed in Canggu only and I was at the same hotel for the entire stay!

I actually just remembered this story while writing this post! In all of my Bali tips except for that one, I was spending time in Ubud, Canggu and Seminyak.

I would always move around and stay at different hotels. Sometimes, staying at two different properties in one town!

Manifesting using the law of attraction is such a fun and exciting journey.

There are so many things that can either slowdown or fast-track the process.

I’ll be sharing more golden tips in the weekly Manifestation Monday blog posts. So stay tuned!

Do you have an LOA-related question? feel free to ask!

Feeling Grounded

Feeling grounded and manifesting

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