Fitness Goals: Why You Need to Set Them Today

fitness goals

In my previous ‘Wellness Wednesday’ post, I wrote about how we are all exactly where we need to be. I mentioned how despite wanting to learn how to surf, I decided against taking lessons during my latest Bali trip. I just didn’t feel like doing too many things and wasn’t ready for another surf lesson.

Do What You Love

That’s why, I decided to do everything else that I intended to do on the island, sans surf lesson time. We should tune in to ourselves at all times to make sure what we do is aligned with what we feel we are ready for. This then means we won’t feel the need to pressure ourselves.
Of course, that doesn’t mean we can be lazy and forget about being active altogether. That’s why, I’ve created a new training schedule for myself to stick to. Being a huge Zumba fan, my schedule basically revolves around the fun, energetic dance workout.

Fitness Goals for Zumba

If you’ve been following my blog, you might have read November’s inspirational woman story. This month, I featured my favorite Dubai personality and Zumba instructor, Monica. She is the epitome of good energy, positive vibes and love. I must admit that she’s my main inspiration and source of love, energy and positivity in this world we all live in.
Monica runs several morning and evening group exercise classes that fit every schedule. So whether you’re a working professional or stay-at-home mom with kids, you can easily find a way to attend her classes and join our fun and positive fitness community. The main thing is to set fitness goals around activities you enjoy. 
I plan to add two more classes to my schedule and can’t wait to see the results. They are different to the regular Zumba classes which I’ve been doing in the past. Now that the weather is cool in Dubai, there’s a great morning beach class which delivers great results. I’m also excited for my first ‘Booty Abs’ class as I need to target those two areas and build muscle in them.

Fitness Goals for Cycling

My new fitness goals and routine will also include cruising on my bike in the hood. Well, at least as soon as I buy and own a bicycle 🙂 I’ve been looking for a lightweight, city bike for the past four months or so. I still can’t seem to find what I need! I plan to visit another store tomorrow morning, so hopefully I will finally own a bike soon.
Another workout that I plan to integrate to my weekend schedule is jogging at the beach and topping up my tan in the process. Yes, now that Dubai weather permits us to be outside, we must squeeze in as many outdoor activities as possible and just move our lives outside for the season! Today, I even had the idea of creating a Dubai beach club group to organize fun beach days and bring together everyone who enjoys being active and out in the sun on the weekend.

Your Fitness Goals

Reflection: What type of activities do you like to engage in? Do you stick to one workout or like to mix things up? Do you have a specific routine that you stick to?What are your fitness goals? How do you stay active on weekends? Do you like to exercise outdoors or do you prefer hitting the gym?

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