Drift Beach Dubai LifeStyle Review: A Magical Experience

drift beach dubai

The past two weeks have been quite interesting. That’s why I haven’t published any posts in a while. Before I start my review of Drift Beach Dubai I’ll update you. I injured my left knee after the Zumba Challenge ended and this has made me reflect on many things, including recent relationships and actions that I’d taken.

A Time for Reflection

A treatment injection made my knee much better, but I still need to get an MRI scan for a diagnosis. The injection didn’t solve the injury, but I’m grateful and thankful this happened. I strongly believe that this specific incident is helping me reflect and identify the destructive patterns that I keep repeating.
Whilst getting ready to head out to Drift Beach Dubai for their Ocean Club Marbella party, I was feeling down and unmotivated to leave my apartment. The reason is simple: I’m 37 and a half and single. I do everything on my own. It was a Saturday and I had a million pending things to do.

We are all Human

I’m human,  and I’m allowed to embrace my negative emotions. As a blogger I like to be transparent in every single post. Some members of the fitness community I belonged to were not supportive of my decision to write about my sadness, grief or any other negative emotions.  I now have validation from a trained and certified wellness coach, so I would like to share my story – including any negative emotions. I’d encourage you to do the same and embrace your emotions as they appear, whether good or bad.

Drift Beach Dubai

Now back to the blog post topic, Drift Beach Dubai was simply magical. Here’s why:
Ambiance: Laid-back, sophisticated, luxurious yet casual and simple.
Decor: The simple, yet sophisticated and stylish design of the club is truly original. The layout of the space also made me feel like I’m in a Bali Beach Club.
Entertainment: There were live hip hop dancers, a saxophonist, a live singer and live dancers from Ocean Club Marbella
Food: The specialty here is seafood. My videographer and I had a selection of starters including Tuna Carpaccio, prawns, grilled vegetables, roasted baby potatoes and a scrumptious tuna Nicoise salad. The dishes were prepared in a healthy way and were full of flavors.
Music: There was a DJ playing a combination of house with vocals, chill out tunes and other very cool tracks. Throughout the time that I was at the beach, I kept telling my videographer how much I loved the music. We were constantly trying to find out the names of the songs with Shazam. There was a mix of eclectic, soul, funk and house tunes playing the whole time we were there.
Service: The beach and restaurant staff were very warm, friendly and approachable. They make you feel like royalty.
Beach and Pool: The beach is the extended ‘One & Only Royal Mirage’ one and you can do water sports by renting them at the hotel’s beach stand. The pool is big but not for me as most people there were drinking and smoking.
Sun Loungers: We spent most of the day relaxing at the sun loungers, except for when we went for lunch, or a swim or a long beach walk. The cost for the sun loungers by the beach is AED 300 per person.


It’s also worth noting that Drift Beach Dubai is an independent beach club and not part of the ‘One & Only Royal Mirage’. I honestly believe I’ve finally found my Dubai Beach Club as I’m a huge supporter of independent and homegrown concepts. I also feel that the club’s atmosphere and feel matches my personality and speaks to me in many ways.
Being a blogger, I plan to visit other Dubai Beach Clubs in the next few weeks – mainly for lifestyle reviews – but I will definitely be back to Drift Beach Dubai for another chilled and special weekend.
For more pictures and videos from my Saturday at Drift Beach Dubai, check out my Instagram page

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