Wellness Wednesday: Embrace the Stillness and the State of Being

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Today’s post inspiration comes from a LinkedIn post that was at the top of my feed.

I don’t spend much time on LinkedIn or any other social media platform. I log in to check my notifications and messages and to post content to promote my blog.

The post is similar to other posts which have been trending on LinkedIn.

It’s a post of someone’s wife, who happens to work extremely long hours as a nurse at some hospital.

Post by a Healthcare Professional

Healthcare professionals play a vital role in our lives, and my opinion is related to another aspect of this trending type of posts.

This particular post was different because the nurse (who is always someone’s wife in these series of trending posts) also works as a jewellery designer and sells her designs.

You might think that’s a great thing. But the post also mentions how she works thirteen hours a day (from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm). She then spends time designing a bracelet or a bangle or whatever jewellery she’s making.

She posted this on LinkedIn, where hard work, productivity and labor are highly appreciated and encouraged. Therefore, this post was getting a lot of engagement. That’s why it appeared at the top of my feed.

The reason that I understand this is because I come from a similar (flawed) conditioning.

The culture of hard work, productivity and efficiency is at the heart and soul of the home that I’ve been raised.

And I’m now reading a book about doing less, and I love how the first few chapters talk about the history of this culture.

It’s so interesting how this way of living was passed from one generation to another without anyone questioning it or wanting things to be different.

Why Embracing Stillness and the State of Being is Important

I’m not promoting being lazy and doing nothing at all. What I’m encouraging is the balance between work and life.

Having time to pause and do nothing – for at least an hour each day – can feel so rewarding for your mental health and wellbeing.

Since hearing an Osho discourse about the importance of spending five or six hours only in the ‘doing’ mode, I’ve been practicing this in my daily life, and I feel so connected to my intuition, and everything seems to flow with so much ease.

You might be thinking that it’s a privilege only to have to be in the ‘doing’ mode for five or six hours a day.

And you’re right. It’s a privilege for those who have been on the spiritual growth path and who are doing the inner work.

That’s why people like me exist in the world because our role is to offer tips and advice on topics like this one.

Anything is possible with conscious effort and practicing mindfulness.

When you spend time in ‘being’, you can tune into your intuition and inner guidance system.

Being still and connected to your body instead of your mind also helps re-activate your intuition and decision-making process.

Spending Five Hours Doing Work

The idea behind this is that you can spend five or six hours doing work or using your mind to accomplish tasks.

The rest of the time should be involved with mindfulness. This doesn’t mean that you will be sitting in a meditation pose for the rest of the day!

What this means is that you will do the other tasks from a heart-centred space instead of a mind-identified one.

Let’s say you are washing dishes or doing laundry; you can do these tasks in a way that resembles meditation.

This can be done by being completely present with the task and not lost in thoughts. This takes practice and can easily be done.

You can also spend an hour working out or moving your body in any way that you prefer.

You can listen to healing or meditation music while eating (which is what I do every evening).

These are all simple ways to feel connected to your higher self which can guide you in otherworldly aspects.

This lockdown life is the perfect time to re-activate your intuition and start following its guidance.

I’ll be talking about this topic in a separate post.

Embrace the Stillness

For now, I encourage you to embrace the stillness more often. Take a sacred pause from the ‘doing’ whenever you can. Be open to receiving the guidance from your higher self.

Practice spending five or six hours in the ‘doing’ state and the rest in your ‘state of being’.

This is something that you can always work on, and it’s not an instant fix – it takes practice.

Make a list of the activities that you can do when you’re not thinking or doing.

The main thing is that they can be done with complete presence and mindfulness, they bring your peace and joy and that they don’t involve masculine energy of doing.

For some inspiration, you can check this previous post with practical tips for embracing your feminine essence.

Mostly, embracing stillness and our feminine essence are the main elements of this beautiful “state of being” mode.

In this post, I also talk about how filling your day with endless tasks and activities is a way of distracting yourself.

When you are not connecting to your inner self or body, you are not able to manifest healthy/deep/intimate friendships or a healthy romantic relationship.

It’s because you can only connect to others as deep as you’ve connected to your inner self.

And I say this from personal experience because I used to be the queen of endless to-do-lists and distraction from self.

So if you’re not comfortable with sitting in stillness and connecting with your higher self and intuition, then you won’t feel comfortable having a deep and intimate connection with other humans!

Try following this tip and see what shows up in your life after that. Trust me. You will be impressed with the magic that this simple ritual creates.

Embrace the stillness and the state of being mode

Embrace the stillness and the state of being mode

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