Wellness Wednesday: Collective Consciousness & Life after the Pandemic

Happy Wednesday!

I had a lovely start to my day by listening to some Osho dance meditation songs and reminiscing on good times.

If you’re thinking, how can you be happy and celebrating in a time like this?

My answer is this:

It’s even more essential for us to focus on the light and love in these times!

Focus on Love and Light

Instead of focusing your thoughts on fear and anxiety, try tuning into love and trust.

As long as we are healthy and safe, then there’s no reason to anticipate trouble or disaster.

I plan on starting a dance meditation ritual on weekends. Because I realized that this is my favorite type of Osho meditation, and while I enjoy doing it at Miasto, the Dubai lifestyle gets me back to mind-identified routine and habits.

But because everything has to happen at the right time, I genuinely believe that now is the best time to practice all my favorite dance meditations at home.

If you’re wondering what these are, I’ll be dedicating a future post to explain. I’ll share with you my favorite ways to move my body.

Like everyone else who loves to travel, I had big plans for 2020. It was going to be my year of travel and writing a book about synchronicity and manifesting love.

Luckily, I managed to complete a two-month Bali trip in January and February and came back to Dubai right before the pandemic started.

So I feel grateful that at least I got to go on a long trip before things changed dramatically.

Many of us are wondering how our lives will change after this pandemic and if the shifts are permanent.

A Collective Consciousness Shift

My personal opinion is that a collective consciousness shift to all of humanity is inevitable.

Those who:

Didn’t express gratitude for the simple things will now learn to do so.

Focused on the negative side of each situation will now appreciate the positives of everything.

Never explored meditation or any other mindfulness practice will now begin to practice some form of grounding ritual.

Lived out of fear, anxiety, panic and worry will have no choice but to tune into love, peace and trust.

Attached their personality to their careers and identified strongly with that will start their Soul searching journey.

Live out of family or societal conditioning might begin to shed some of the layers that cover their authentic selves.

Never explored any personal or spiritual growth work might now consider hiring a life coach or counsellor.

Took their health and safety for granted will start to feel grateful for being alive, healthy and safe.

Relied on socializing and being with others to feel worthy or good about themselves will be forced to explore other ways to feel centered and content.

The list goes on with the central theme being the collapse of old patterns, paradigms and habits.

What’s also changing is the way we communicate and do business. While everything is going digital, people realize the importance of having an online business and maybe even a career.

Another major shift of collective consciousness is taking place for those in the corporate world, who are now considering becoming entrepreneurs!

Fortunately, I’ve been on that path for a long time, and I’m at the paid social media strategy part of entrepreneur life!

Do What Feels Right for You

With old structures, systems and paradigms coming to an end, there is no blueprint for how you should move forward in times like this.

My advice would be to follow your intuition and take inspired action while trusting that everything will work out in your best interest eventually.

To learn more about taking inspired action and the difference between that and striving action, check this previous Wellness Wednesday post.

You can follow this rule in all areas in your life whether that’s a career, inner work or love life.

Let me share with you some of what I’ve been doing differently throughout this self-isolation season.

As part of my spiritual growth and healing journey, I’m spending a reasonable amount of time in self-love and nurturing my inner child.

You can read this post for some simple self-isolation season tips and for an idea of what inner child nurturing is.

Apart from learning to love and value myself more, I’m also embracing all of my emotions – good and bad.

These two spiritual growth activities are the main ones that I’m working on these days. Another one is letting go of control, embracing uncertainty and allowing life to unfold naturally.

Of course, I’m still working on manifesting a future vision by simultaneously switching from taking inspired action and surrendering.

Soul Collective Membership Feature

As for career, I look forward to launching my membership feature this June. There will be daily mini training videos on a specific topic.

So feel free to suggest any wellness, Law of Attraction or spiritual growth topic that you would enjoy learning.

I’m open to ideas and suggestions. You can also subscribe to my Soul Collective newsletter and blog to get a feel for the topics that I cover.

So while my travel year has been ‘postponed until further notice’, I’m staying positive and focused on all the fantastic opportunities for growth that this self-isolation season is giving me.

I also see things from the perspective that the Universe is always working in my favor.

So while I might not be able to travel for my 40th birthday this July, I know that I will cherish each moment of wanderlust more than I ever did before. And that life after the pandemic will undoubtedly be different, but that magical things await us all!



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Collective Consciousness: Life after the Pandemic

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