Manifestation Monday: Self-isolation Tips for Faster Manifesting

Happy Monday!

I’m feeling grateful and blessed for being alive and healthy.

This has been my morning mantra for the past week or so. In these challenging times, being alive and in good health is a blessing that compares to nothing else.

It’s actually a great place to be living from. Gratitude is a magnet for abundance and all things good and positive.

Right before the UAE government announced the new lockdown rules, I went for a thirty-minute walk in my neighborhood.

While walking, I felt very grateful to be living in a nice area – I live in Dubai Marina at the side where you have all the nice cafes and restaurants.

And I say this not to boast about where I live but to share how there’s always a lesson in everything we encounter – even a pandemic as bad as this one!

Before this pandemic happened, I would be wanting to travel non-stop and didn’t really like or appreciate where I lived.

This is partly because I grew up in this region and have lived here for most of my life. So appreciating a place like Dubai doesn’t come naturally for me.

When I went for that Marina Promenade walk last week, I felt immense gratitude for the neighborhood and the nice views.

I saw the boats and the entire Marina with a new lens which was real and so bright.

Since some of you have been getting bored or looking for ways to spend your self-isolation time, I decided to write a post with my personal tips for inspiration.

  • Declutter and clean your space. I used to hire a lady to clean my place and I now plan on doing the job myself. This is a powerful way to align with your soul mate vision and live in a clean and peaceful space.
  • Read books or watch movies. I plan on placing an online order for new books and DVD’s (please don’t comment and tell me about Netflix – I don’t want to subscribe).
  • Explore your interests and hobbies during self-isolation. This is a perfect time to try new things and find what brings you the most joy and peace.
  • Commit to a daily grounding ritual. This can be different for each person. I personally like silent meditation and healing music. Explore different practices and see what works for you best. You can read a wide range of these rituals on this blog.
  • Learn something new. This also depends on your interests. There are tons of free online courses and other stuff available for you with a click of a button.
  • Look back at old, good memories and feel the gratitude and joy that came with those times. This is something that I always used to do (pandemic times or not). I remember old funny stories or conversations that I had with good friends. This is a simple yet powerful way to activate feelings of joy and happiness. Just last night, I was tweeting about how grateful I am to have genuine friends in Bali who care about me and love me unconditionally.
  • Invest in something that will save you time and energy in the future. For me, that has to be buying a coffee machine for the first time in my entire life! I feel like this decision goes deeper than just having access to great coffee from the comfort of my living room. It’s more about feeling completely self-sufficient on my own that I don’t need to keep going to cafes and running away from myself and emotions. It’s about feeling whole and complete. This brings us to the next tip.
  • Feel your emotions and avoid using negative and unhealthy distractions. This is the perfect time to release old and harmful habits that we all do to distract ourselves from the pain of feeling our emotions in their full range. Some people resort to alcohol, others choose smoking and I tend to overeat. We all do this as a way of dealing with negative emotions. Besides the fact that I can’t go grocery shopping as much as I would like, this self-isolation is a wonderful opportunity to control my food portions, be mindful of why I’m eating and make sure that it’s not to avoid feeling any pain or discomfort. So I encourage you to cry your eyes out, scream to the top of your lungs, punch cushions and just release all of those suppressed negative emotions that you’re doing everything in the world to distract yourself from feeling! I give you permission to do just that.
  • Face your fears and shadow side. I’ll be dedicating Wednesday’s post for this topic as it’s very broad. Stay tuned!
  • Connect with old friends and nurture your friendships. Maybe you can check with others to see if they need any help?
  • Express your creativity during self-isolation with writing, dancing, singing, drawing or any other hobby that you like. This is a great way to connect to your creative side and deepen that aspect of yourself.
  • Practice being mindful of what you consume. This applies to both physical and energetic material. Start by limiting your exposure to social media and the news.
  • Create a structure for your day. Instead of spending most of the day checking the news and social media with breaks for eating and other essential tasks, why not turn this around? Try creating a routine where you do all of the things in this list while taking breaks to check the news and social media once or twice a day?
  • Develop or improve an old skill. Being a foodie, this has to be cooking. I love trying out new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, There will be a weekly recipe blog post starting next Sunday.
  • Invest in self-care and self-love rituals. The relationship with yourself is the main one and all others are just a mirror. With that in mind, why not develop the connection that you have with your soul? maybe look in the mirror and smile a few times a day or say positive affirmations that remind you of your worth and value?
  • Join my membership site when I launch it this June. The Soul Collective membership will give you access to exclusive content and mini trainings designed to support you in a specific area. Subscribe to my newsletter and stay updated with the launch date!

I hope you found these self-isolation tips helpful and if you need any clarification or have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!




New recipe blog posts coming soon


Soaking my feet in Bali sea salts to clear negative energy


Grounded coffee from a trip to Sicily last summer


Self-isolation Tips

New coffee machine for feeing whole and complete


Self-isolation Tips

Looking back at old good memories is a way to activate joy during self-isolation


Self-isolation Tips

Nurture and love your inner child

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