Vibration of Love: How Manifestation Can Change Your State of Being

Happy Manifestation Monday! I’ll keep this blog post short because I have a hair salon appointment in about 45 minutes.

Last week, I shared an insight into why we sometimes attract negative people and experiences. You can read it here.

I was at a meetup event that I hosted a month ago when I met a woman who was into healing and the law of attraction.

Meetings Can Be Important

She also lived in Bali for a while, and we shared a few interesting conversations.

She said: “Try to think about how you would walk and act in each moment if you already had your person.”

It’s interesting because right after our conversation, I took an online course on manifesting love that said basically the same thing.

I’m also reading Neville Goddard’s books about feeling like you have your desire now. You can learn more about this powerful manifestation approach in this blog post.

I realized by applying all the new tips that I walk differently when I feel like I already have my dream person!

The Vibration of Love

It’s fascinating to practice this and feel the vibration of being in a healthy and loving relationship.

If you’re new to manifestation, don’t stress. First, try this flower trick first to get confident in manifesting the small stuff.

Although I’ve been practicing the law of attraction for a couple of years, feeling and walking like I already have my person takes practice and isn’t always the neutral thing to do!

I must say that once I started to feel that way, my reality shifted, and I started attracting positive experiences and people.

Simple things like making small talk with the cash staff at the grocery store instead of being bitter and closed off are signs that you’re on the right track!

So not only do you walk and talk differently when you feel like you have your person, you also engage with others and with the world in a whole new way!

I also noticed that people look at me when I’m out and about. It’s as if I’m vibrating on a new, higher frequency and have some aura around me!

Try This to Get Confident

If you have time to do one thing to get closer to manifesting your person this week, try walking confidently and engaging with others like you already have everything you dream of.

Trust me; you will notice the shift in your reality and find it easier to keep living from this higher state of being with practice.

OK, I must end this blog post now, but I’ll share a new and exciting wellness tip this Wednesday. So stay tuned!




vibration of love

vibration of love: law of assumption tips

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