Is Manifestation Real? Try this Tip to Find Out!

When manifesting anything, releasing resistance by feeling indifferent to whether you get your desire is important.

That’s why manifesting small things or even resources and people is easy if you’re into manifestation.

But when manifesting a long-term relationship, it can be difficult to feel indifferent about the outcome.

If you’re new to manifestation or feel doubtful about it, this post is for you.

I’ll share a simple exercise you can do today, and it will help you gain confidence in the manifestation process.

The Flower Trick

While sitting in your favorite meditation position, imagine your favorite flower and how it feels to have it. Take a few minutes to be in the meditation energy and focus on a specific type of flower you want to manifest.

Then, trust that you will somehow receive it and watch what happens!

I did this simple manifestation exercise one evening, two or three weeks ago. It took only one day for me to manifest a flower petal!

Because I’ve been practising manifestation for a long time, it was easy for me to manifest a flower petal.

Let me share the story with you if you’re wondering how it came to me.

I usually open my balcony windows each morning while meditating; since the weather is nice, I leave them open for a while.

On that day, I saw a flower petal inside my apartment and near the open window. At first, I thought, “This must be a message from the Universe.” Then I remembered the flower manifestation trick!

My neighbor has plants on their balcony; the leaves sometimes fly into my balcony. But it’s mostly green leaves and not flowers. This time, I received the flower petal because I manifested it!

The cool part is that the manifestation didn’t end there. Two days ago, two flowers fell off from my neighbors’ balcony and landed on mine. They looked so fresh and lovely!

Then yesterday afternoon, I returned to my building to find another pink flower on the ground at the entrance that I use!

So the total number of manifestations is three, and they keep coming!

The reason that it’s so easy to manifest flowers is that there’s no resistance when manifesting. I would like to receive a flower, but I’m also OK if I don’t. I even have a flower vase that I rarely use. So I’m not a big fan of flowers.

This is not true for how I feel about manifesting a relationship. Yes, I won’t die if I don’t manifest one. But I don’t have the same apathy or indifference about it! LOL

I encourage you to try this flower manifestation trick and let me know how it went.

The good thing about manifesting flowers is that it helps you grow confident about your manifestation abilities. So you can lean into trust and certainty for manifesting the big stuff like a romantic relationship.

Happy Manifestation Monday!



Is Manifestation Real

is manifestation real?


Is Manifestation Real

is manifestation real?

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