Thursday Thoughts: This is What Shifting your Vibration Feels Like

I just booked my first vaccine dose appointment for August 1. I’ll also be getting an antibody test on Monday.

I wasn’t up for getting vaccinated, but I changed my mind when I read an article that Italy might limit dining indoors for vaccinated people.

I also want to visit Malta once the travel restrictions are lifted. So I made the decision, so I can travel and live my best life!

What are your views on vaccines? Specifically, the Covid-19 one? are you already vaccinated? Are you open to it?

How I shifted my Vibration this Morning

This morning, I did something different and it’s related to raising my vibration.

If you didn’t read this recent blog post about how your vibration determines who you attract, go here to read it.

I was planning to stay at home until Sunday – because it’s Eid holiday and I prefer to avoid the crowds.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and I had most of the supplies for cooking this weekend.

Then I checked the temperature out of curiosity when I woke up and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was only 33 degrees!

If you live in Dubai or have visited then you know how this temperature is a blessing in the scorching months of July and August.

To add to the low temperature this morning, the sky was cloudy and there was a light breeze.

That’s when I decided to go out for a light breakfast and coffee and get some missing groceries for my weekend meals.

And this is exactly how I made a big vibrational shift!

Shifting Your Vibration with Acceptance

Instead of choosing to stay at home and to avoid life – or the busy Eid crowds – I chose to flow with life and make the best out of my current life situation. And that’s the point when things start to shift.

Because when you accept your life exactly as it is instead of pushing against it, resisting or wanting things to be different, you attract a whole new reality. You get out of stagnation and into flow!

I honestly felt so good after my decision this am. I spent around 45 minutes at the cafe, before heading out to an organic store where I got freshly made deli Hummus that I used as a dressing for my roasted vegetable salad.

Now this last sentence is not how you should talk to a man on a date but I intentionally wrote it that way as an example 🙂

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this recent Dating Sunday blog post on the Soul Collective website.

Each Sunday, I share with you a new, valuable dating tip or rule that will save you time, energy and heartache.

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Oh and we’re now in the energy of the Full Moon again. So take things easy and spend time in self-reflection and meditation.

Happy Thursday and let me know what your vaccine status is 🙂

P.S. Do you enjoy these kind of topics? examples from my daily life and how I’m moving forward in my manifestation journey?

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