Thursday Thoughts: Your Vibrational Energy Determines Who you Attract

These days, I notice that I attract a totally different reality!

For example. when I’m out and about, people and especially men feel comfortable saying hi to me or making small talk.

In the past, my energy would put people off and they would be too scared to approach me let alone talk to me.

This change is all about a shift in my vibrational energy. Because when you don’t feel secure or confident, you emit energy that puts men off of you. It’s a scientifically proven fact and I experienced it myself.

How did I shift my Vibrational Energy

Although I’ve done countless spiritual growth workshops in the past four and a half years, this wasn’t what helped me shift my vibration.

In fact, what these endless retreats and workshops did was highlight my issues. So, once I finished one workshop, something new would come up and I would feel the need to address it so I can feel good enough!

But once I worked on the new issue, another one would show up and then it was time to work on that one too because it was blocking my search for love!

Let me tell you that it was a vicious cycle that had no end. What this did was make me feel worse about myself.

I truly believed that there was something inherently wrong with me and that I wasn’t worthy or lovable. And THAT’S what was blocking love from coming to me with ease.

So what did I do after all these years of investing in all sorts of healing and spiritual growth workshops? I decided to stop.

I made an intentional choice to not attend any more spiritual growth workshops or retreats. And I’m so glad that I did.

Because that’s when I realized that I’m worthy just because I’m me. And that I’m amazing with all of my flaws. That my past doesn’t define me. And that what delayed my manifestation was the limiting belief that I’m not good enough and that I needed to do all this work to be perceived as worthy of love and a healthy relationship.

To prove to you that the deep inner work wasn’t helpful in manifesting a partner, I shared a story of how I got ghosted right after completing an intense inner child therapy workshop.

I thought that if I healed my inner child and core wounds, then no man would ever leave me again. Wrong!

Because no one can make you feel good enough about yourself other than you.

Things shifted for me after I spent the last year and a half loving myself and setting boundaries and standards.

That’s what helped me shift my vibrational energy and attract a totally different reality for myself.

It wasn’t the shadow work, or the inner child work, or even the Tantra work. It was what I did for myself and it came from within.

If you’re curious to know more about how you can shift your vibrational energy and feel confident in your skin, I have limited spots for my one-on-one coaching this July. You can message me or read client testimonials to know more.

What stage of feeling confident are you at right now?

Are you feeling insecure and have so many limiting beliefs about yourself and your worthiness?

Have you tried all types of workshops and healing modalities in an attempt to fix something that’s wrong with you?

Are you feeling confident and are attracting a positive reality? Do men easily approach you when you’re out and about?

Looking forward to hearing from you! and let me know if you have any topics or things that you’re struggling with these days.


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