Live Your Best Life: Your Reality is a Reflection of your Inner World

I wanted to share a personal story of how I created a new reality for myself on my birthday last Thursday.

This time, I chose not to focus on the fact that I’m single on my birthday. Instead, I chose to celebrate my life and those in it.

I set a clear intention that I will have a fun and amazing celebration. This is exactly what manifested.

I started my birthday week with a 90-minute full-body massage at an authentic spa.

On weekdays throughout the week, I did my roots, threading, waxing and nails. I also booked a hair treatment and blow-dry on the day.

After a week of indulging in self-care and self-love, I celebrated the day with a Southeast Asian dinner at a lovely restaurant with a good friend.

The service was over the top and they even allowed us to stay an hour after their closing time.

They surprised me with a heavenly red velvet birthday cake – which I indulged in over the past two days!

What was really thoughtful was a birthday card signed by the restaurant waiter and team – who were so warm and genuine throughout the evening.

On the next day, I celebrated my birthday with an Asian street food brunch with another friend in another part of town.

The brunch vibe was different with upbeat music playing in the background. The service was also super positive and friendly.

The staff were attentive and they surprised me with a yummy sponge cake for my special day.

I also manifested someone who asked me for a coffee date when I got back to my neighbourhood.

Although he wasn’t my type and I rejected the invite, this was the proof that I needed for my renewed energy and vibration!

Basically, once I shifted my vibration from feeling single and lonely to feeling loved and cherished by my friends and the lovely restaurant staff, I manifested a whole new reality for myself!

I share this story to encourage you to start feeling happy and loved now. Because that’s how you can manifest the loving partner and everything that your heart desires.

What did you manifest lately and how do you feel these days? let me know in the comments!


You create your own reality


Live your best life

Live your Best Life: Magical Birthday Vibes

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  • Deni says:

    Thank you so much for this. It’s my birthday on the 30th June and I have no friends and no partner. I was just crying and saying that I need to change my energy and I found your blog which moved me to tears. Thank you for lifting my spirits. My birthday month starts now and I will start to shift internally so my external world will mirror all that I truly desire. Sending you heart felt love bubbles.

    • Saudi Diva says:

      Thank you Deni for your honest and genuine words. I’m so glad to hear that you found my blog post helpful and insightful. Your transparent and open sharing reflects that you’re already on the right path – connected to yourself and your emotions. Keep doing the inner work and your reality will shift dramatically. Stay persistent even when times are tough. Happy birthday in advance and sending you love and hugs. Feel free to sign up to the blog for updates on new posts and raw, real stories! You’re a star!

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