The Power of Music for Manifesting Love! Try this Now!

When you’re still working through issues from your past and attending spiritual growth workshops, it can be tough to choose to listen to happy songs.

I know this for a fact because I was in this stage for a little over five years!

When you’re facing the issues of your past and are deep in your spiritual growth and healing journey, you tend to be in a low vibration.

I used to listen to very low vibe healing music and I would play it on replay too!

It was part of my healing stage and that’s OK. I wasn’t in a state to listen to happy love songs in those days.

Why is it important to listen to Happy Love Songs?

I was at a cafe last week and there was a lovely playlist of classic love songs coming out of the outdoor speaker. When I went inside to pay, I saw the YouTube playlist and took a screenshot of it so I can play it at home.

This incident inspired me to start listening to love ballads again. It’s a simple tool that you can try to activate the vibration of love in your energy body and manifest faster.

Because our essence is love, that vibration is always accessible to us. The problem is that most of us went through some kind of huge adversity in life that made us forget about this fact. That’s when you start living from lower vibrations like fear, anger or self-doubt.

It’s normal for our vibrations to change with adversity and life’s challenges. The good news is that there’s a simple way back to this high frequency.

Another magical message from the Universe showed up while I was in Ras Al Khaimah for a New Year’s staycation. You can read this short blog post about my week-long staycation here.

The Power of Music

I used to spend my evenings in the terrace at the hotel’s bar, listening to soulful music by a great singer. One of my all-time favorite songs is Sade’s ‘Sweetest Taboo’ and the singer would always sing that song.

I then realized that this song can be the theme song for my soulmate life. I downloaded the song on my phone and then I created a digital vision board with Sade’s voice playing in the background.

Since this was my first attempt at a vision board, the entire slide show and images felt so aligned and real! the song added another layer of authenticity and richness to the movie.

If you still haven’t done a vision board, then I highly suggest that you do. It’s another level of manifesting and it feels so good!

Make sure to add music to your vision board when using an app to give it more depth and bring it closer to reality.

I understand that you might not be at a place where you feel like listening to happy love songs, but trust that when the time is right, you will get to this beautiful phase and reconnect with the love vibration in your soul.

What are your thoughts on using music to manifest your dream life and person?


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