Fast-track Manifestation: Activating the Vibration of Love!

A lot happened since I wrote this blog post about the same topic.

Since I’m constantly releasing old energy and layers of family and societal conditioning, my vibration is shifting as well.

Let me start by sharing what I did last weekend and how it relates to manifesting a partner.

Fast-track Manifestation: Feeling Loved and Giving Love

When manifesting a partner, the main emotion that you want to activate is love. Not only is love the highest frequency of all emotions, it also is the exact reason that we all want to be in a relationship. It’s because we want to feel loved and give love!

So when you’re still in the manifestation stage, one thing that you can do is to find ways to activate the vibration of love in your daily life.

We all have good friends and close bonds that we appreciate and cherish. Last Friday, I celebrated a good friend’s birthday and we both were vibrating on the frequency and love and genuine caring.

I’ve known my friend Heba for a decade and she’s one of the real gems who’s always there to support me and who honors her word. We have shared values, life experiences and backgrounds. I truly feel that she gets me and understands my personality.

So on Friday, we went for an alfresco brunch and we literally spent around eight hours talking and having good Italian food!

When you’re feeling connected to someone in this powerful way, you naturally feel that you’re loved and that you can give love as well. And that’s exactly what helps you manifest faster!

You can simply think of all the good friends and people that care about you and start feeling loved immediately.

Other Ways to Feel Love in your Daily Life

Here are other ideas to activate the vibration of love and manifest a partner faster:

  • Fall in love with the sunset or the sunrise.
  • Feel love for your pet – I have a Betta fish that helps me tune into love!
  • Feel love by nurturing your inner child. I do this with my teddy bear all day! I nurture her and tell her how much I love her!
  • Listen to love songs that help you feel the emotions of your dream relationship. What’s one song that you like to listen to?
  • Think of someone who you look up to – like a role model – and feel the love that you have for them and what they do.
  • Think of all of the people who genuinely love you – even the ones you met a long time ago.
  • Feel the love that you have for your favorite meal or dish – while you’re having it.


Feel free to comment with your favorite ways to feel love on this post! This is a powerful tool that works really fast – you have been warned!

There’s a Caveat for this Powerful Manifestation Tip

In this post on the Soul Collective blog, I shared about how it took me five years of healing and spiritual growth work to finally start attracting emotionally healthy and secure men.

The same thing goes for reaching the stage of naturally feeling love for everyone and everything that you cross paths with.

It takes doing the deep inner work to release the old energy and limiting beliefs first.

I don’t think I could’ve reached where I am today if it weren’t for all the workshops, books, coaches, facilitators that supported me along the way. It was a long journey and it took a lot of effort, time, energy and money.

If you feel like you still have some limiting beliefs, are not feeling confident or are still attracting toxic men and dating experiences, feel free to reach out to me and we can see if we’re a match for my one-on-one coaching.

My coaching style blends NLP, spirituality and the law of attraction principles for a holistic and effective outcome and manifestation.

Here’s the link to the latest Dating Sunday Blog Post about how I shifted my vibration and started attracting – and actually liking – emotionally healthy and secure men!

Let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned for a new Travel Tuesday post about Malta tomorrow!

Fast-track Manifestation

Fast-track manifestation tip

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