Manifestation Secret: Infuse Love in Every Moment of your Day!

Happy Monday and the first day of June!

This hot and dusty Dubai weather is making me dream of Bali honestly.

I hope I can revisit Bali once the borders open for tourists. I’m not someone who lives from a place of fear.

As long as I take preventive safety measures, then I will be OK.

I’m excited about going back to being active on Instagram once I download Lightroom and some presets for editing.

Being someone authentic and real, my images will still be raw with a fresh feel to them.

Another thing that I’m excited about is new articles coming soon to this blog. The topics will be more linked to dating with the law of attraction and manifesting a partner. So stay tuned for that.

June is a month of self-love in my private Facebook group. The group will be open for those who participate in the online course that I’m launching this July. More details about this in a future post.

Try and do one thing to express love to yourself each day. This can be as simple as making yourself a healthy, nourishing meal or treating yourself to your favorite dessert or indulging in some scented candles for your space.

The idea is to practice loving yourself and appreciating yourself more with each passing day.

Fast-track Manifestation Secret

Today’s post talks about a tip that I have been doing recently. I was doing it naturally, and then I discovered that it’s a manifestation secret.

We’re all familiar with the law of attraction that like energy attracts like.

So if you vibrate on love and abundance, you attract these energies in your reality.

When it comes to love, which is the core vibration that you want to activate to attract a partner, it helps to infuse it in each moment.

What this means is that you’re not waiting for something significant to happen in your external reality to feel love.

All you need to do is to start feeling that emotion more than you are doing now.

Let’s say, I appreciate my vegan meal plan dishes and I truly feel blessed to have this option in Dubai.

Their food is always fresh, excellent quality, sourced from the farms and offers unique variety.

While gratitude is essential, feeling love is a different kind of vibration.

When I feel grateful and appreciative of the vegan dishes, I’m at peace, and I emit positivity and good vibes.

But when I feel so much love for this meal plan’s menu options and new dishes, I’m vibrating at an even higher frequency!

You can fall in love with objects, places, people, nature, your lifestyle, and so many other easily accessible things in your life.

Another example is having an iced coconut latte this morning. I made it using my new coffee machine – which I bought one the lockdown started.

Because I added this new brand of coconut milk, the iced latte tasted so good and different than with the other milk.

I felt love for my coffee machine (I adore this machine) and for the refreshing taste of this iced latte. I even felt like I was transported to Bali when I took my first sip of the drink!

What this practice does is that it combines so many things that elevate your vibration:

  • Gratitude for having access to good coffee and coconut milk.
  • Appreciation of my coffee machine and feeling love for that appliance.
  • Love for the refreshing taste of the iced coconut latte and the feeling of being transported to island life!

When manifesting anything, including all of your senses, can take the manifestation to another level.

How does it feel to have your desire? With all of your senses? Star feeling that way NOW.

Other things that I’m in love with these days are my daily routine, living from a place of flow, allowing myself to do what I feel like doing at any given moment and having the freedom to be and take a sacred pause when I need it.

I hope that my story made this point clear, and I look forward to seeing how you can apply this tip in your daily moments.

Just practice falling in love with everything that brings you joy and fulfillment. It’s that simple!

Let me know in the comments what objects, places, people or situations make you feel the vibration of love so strongly?

Next week’s post will be about another cool manifestation tip. It’s related to how you can start doing what you feel like doing instead of what you have to and how to make things more fun and exciting even if it’s a tedious task.

Have a lovely week ahead and feel free to share your sources of love in the comments!


Manifestation Secret

Fast Track Manifestation Secret: Activate the vibration of love in each moment of your day

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