How to Speak your Desires into Existence (With the Law of Attraction)

It’s the New Moon in Aries tonight, so another opportunity to set new intentions for your dream life.

Using the moon energy to create is a powerful manifestation tool. You can check this blog post for golden tips on how to script your soulmate wish list.

I personally will do a simple new moon ritual and review my travel plans for the year.

I’m so excited to travel again and to use my tickets which I originally booked for 2020 trips.

Are you excited to travel? where are you planning to visit next?

Speaking your Desires into Existence with the Law of Attraction

Speaking about your desire is another powerful way to amplify its energy and bring it into your reality.

Let me share two stories where this happened for me instantly.

The first incident was back in February 2019. It was right after doing a full moon manifestation ritual with my good friend and soul sister Vanessa. We did the ritual under the moon, at a Bali beach. We each had our soulmate wish list in our hands.

We took turns to read our list out loud and then burned the pieces of paper and threw them into the ocean. It’s a sign of letting go of our desire and surrendering to the Universe to bring it to us.

Towards the end of that trip, the day after Nyepi, I met someone who was a match to most of the traits on my list!

My friend Vanessa also met someone at a later point. But both encounters were lessons and not meant to be lasting relationships.

Another more recent example of how speaking about your desire fast-tracks its manifesting is in this post.

I was sitting at an authentic cafe in my neighborhood in Dubai and I was talking to my Instagram community about how I don’t like mainstream places or people who frequent them.

I spoke about how I’m alternative and hipster and how I’m manifesting a man who’s like me in that sense too.

About an hour or so later, I see this guy who looks like my perfect man in the hood!

This encounter was even more surreal than my full moon story because I wasn’t seeing intentions or expecting to see anyone special. All I did was speak about my desire to my Instagram community!

Speak about your Desires to the Right People

I feel called to make a disclaimer here and say that you should be very mindful of who you speak about your desire to.

Some people can project their own fears onto you if you share big dreams with them.

In reality, you can create anything that you want with the law of attraction.

But because most people have limiting beliefs and blocks, they might talk you out of your wild dreams or say something that will put you down and make you feel bad about your aspirations and goals.

So make sure to speak to the people who understand you and support you. Positive souls who also believe in the magic of creating one’s reality and that anything is possible.

Happy New Moon in Aries and let me know what you’re manifesting next!


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