Clear Signs that your Manifestation is Working

My Updates

I’m feeling so much better health-wise these days. I made pan-fried trout fish with a side of roasted vegetables for lunch on Saturday. After about five years of being on a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet, I made fish for lunch!

This new diet feels more aligned with my body and I’m so grateful for making this switch now. As you know, sticking to a mostly vegan diet makes it difficult to add meat back into your habits. I’m so glad that I never cut meat out completely and I was still occasionally having tuna and other types of fish when eating out.

It’s so important to explore different diets and see how your body responds to the different food groups. I realized after five years of being on a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet that I was eating a lot of pasta and noodles! Each Saturday, when I made lunch at home, I was either making a pasta with vegetables dish or a vegetarian noodles recipe! Of course, I ended up with a big belly that makes me look pregnant and I’m now working on reversing this result.

Getting Healthy

Another change that I made is that I stopped with the plant-based meal plan delivery that I was subscribed to for the past five or six months. It was a very low-calorie meal plan but that’s not why I chose to not renew with them. They were using canned foods and other processed items in their meals. My hair has been falling like crazy and I already have thin hair. I also felt tired and hungry most of the time. I didn’t even loose weight despite the very low-calorie intake.

This morning, I made a very healthy, fresh and tasty avocado on gluten-free toast with eggs. It was so simple and it made me feel really energized and ready for the day. I encourage you to start being mindful of your diet and how your body responds to certain foods. The food you eat affects everything from your mental health to your mood and energy levels.

I still didn’t go out for sunset drinks but I’m so happy that I decided on a spot that I feel is aligned with my personality. The restaurant/lounge is located on the other end of town but that doesn’t matter as long as I feel that it’s aligned with my soul. I look forward to checking out the spot next Monday for sunset drinks. If I like it, I will be going there every two weeks or so for sundowners. The idea behind this is to start living as if I already have my dream life and person. You can read about this law of attraction principle in this blog post.

Going out for sunset drinks also gives me an opportunity to practice the new makeup skills that I recently learned. I’m so excited to practice the basic makeup skills and I’m truly enjoying this makeup skills project. I just ordered some new products yesterday and I have more to order. Home delivery is great. It makes visiting the mall so unnecessary and it saves a lot of time and energy.

Signs that your Manifestation is Working

One of the signs to look out for when using the law of attraction to manifest a partner is that elements from the past start showing up. I’ve had this happen to me for a while now and the signs just keep getting louder and bigger.

For example, an Uber driver once told me that he used to work in my specific city in Saudi. He went on to mention the names of places that made up a huge part of my childhood. It was so surreal because he was genuinely talking about his experiences in my town in Saudi. He also had an affinity to the country and town and said that he would love to go back to working there one day.

What impressed me was his great knowledge of Saudi culture and people. It was so evident that he took time to engage with the locals and learn about our culture. That was a powerful story.

I recently came across an Instagram profile of a local design freelancer. After checking a couple of her posts and seeing her group of friends (and business partners) in her IG stories, I noticed how their sense of style was very similar to the one of my mother. Seeing their sense of style and their outfits was like a flashback from the past. I immediately recognized my old self in them because I had a similar family conditioning.

Basically, they are conditioned to be independent, business-oriented and to lead with their masculine energy. These are the same values that I was raised with and I realized that are not who I am in essence.

Dating Insights

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about being a strong, independent and empowered woman. That’s great. But when you start to dress like a man (think wide pants and long, loose shirts), then you loose a major side of yourself as a woman: your feminine essence.

No man wants to be with a woman who leads with her masculine energy. You need to have polarity to create a healthy and loving relationship. Unless you are manifesting a weak, passive and soft man, then you want to tune into your feminine side and practice leading with that essence. Of course making this shift was a major part of my spiritual growth journey.

I was truly faced with my past life and trauma when I saw these posts. I also talk about this topic in this blog post.

After checking the Instagram highlights on that freelancer’s page, I discovered that her favorite cafe is the one where this story happened. Basically, she supports the cafe owner who I saw that day, giving orders in a very critical and harsh way to the staff.

If this tells you anything, it’s that you will be shown all of the places that you need to grow and make changes to manifest love. Leading with a strong masculine energy, being extremely critical of everyone and everything and dressing like a man are just some of the places where I’m working to make shifts. The journey is exciting and deep. And very rewarding when you make it to the other side.

The Universe Gives Signs

The Universe was mirroring to me the places where I still needed to do some inner work and grow to manifest a healthy and loving relationship. These patterns are also considered blocks for manifesting love. If you’re interested to understand more about this topic, you can read this blog post for the full story.

Each day presents us with a new opportunity to change and grow. But you can’t change your old patterns if you’re not even aware of them! If you need support, feel free to connect to see if we’re a match for my one-on-one coaching. I offer both online and in-person coaching if you live in Dubai. You can check the rates on my coaching website.

More powerful elements from the past showed up for me yesterday.

While taking a cab to a newly opened coffee shop, the driver explained that he wasn’t wearing a face mask because he was praying. Growing up as a Muslim, prayer was a major element from my past. When I was paying, I noticed that he was holding a beaded necklace in his hand. It’s another religious practice that Muslim men do. I grew up with this religious practice and tradition.

When we were approaching the coffee shop location, he mentioned that it’s close to the mosque where he performs his prayers. Basically his neighborhood mosque. Another element from the past: mosques and prayer.

When you realize that elements from the past showing up in your reality is a sign for getting close to manifesting something big, you start to trust the manifestation process more and this fast-tracks the manifesting.

Which stage of the manifestation process are you in? Is your manifestation working? Are you clear about your dream life and person? Are you seeing elements from the past? Let me know in the comments!


Manifestation is working

Manifestation is working

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