Acting like you have a Partner: What does it mean?

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I’ve been MIA for the past week for a couple of reasons. I was busy cleaning my apartment, working on my book project and hanging out with an old friend who was visiting town.

Another reason that I wasn’t writing new blog posts is that this past Mercury Retrograde was super intense!

We’re now in the post retrograde shadow phase until the 24th of February and I still feel like strange things keep happening.

How have you been feeling? How are you surviving this very intense energy? Did you experience any breakthroughs?

I personally can’t wait to go out for drinks once the shadow period is over. I will go out for solo sunset drinks to celebrate!

Stay tuned to the blog to find out where I go and how it went.

Acting like you have a partner

Acting as if you have a partner is one of the strategies to fast-track manifesting one. It’s a very powerful way to move your manifesting forward and it helps you embody the feelings and emotions of that dream life.

You can read an extended blog post about ‘acting as if‘ to manifest faster here.

When you start living as if you already have your dream life and partner, you naturally activate the positive emotions that are connected to that life. It basically means living your best life now as if you already have everything that you’re manifesting.

Simple things like going out for breakfast on weekends, exploring new cafes and restaurants or going for long beach walks.

I’m so grateful that I managed to do all of these things last week when a close friend was in town.

We went out for a traditional Arabic breakfast on the first day we met – it felt so nostalgic too.I was healing my past and ‘acting as if’ at the same time.

We had long, deep conversations and laughed so hard over great meals and specialty coffee.

We walked for miles at Kite Beach and other parts of the city. It was so windy and cold last night that I regretted not bringing a jacket!

What’s interesting is that all of these activities are what make up my dream life and my digital vision board.

So being able to line up with that energy felt so liberating and good! I truly had an amazing time with my friend who I met in Dubai a little over a decade ago!

What topics do you want me to cover?

I’m so excited to share with you a wellness story on Wednesday as I’ll be trying out something new for hair growth.

I’ll share pictures and the story with you on Wednesday, so stay tuned. I’m so grateful for finding places in the city that match my personality and true self. Are you exploring your hometown to find yourself in certain places?

I also have some snap shots from my recent Malta trip that I want to share in tomorrow’s Travel Tuesday blog post.

What I want is to hear from you. What are you struggling with these days? Whether it’s related to manifesting a partner or to any other topic. Feel free to comment with your ideas and suggestions for future blog post. Let me know how you’re feeling these days.

Here are some of the best moments and snap shots from my week with a good, genuine friend.

sunset at Kite Beach Dubai


acting as if you have a partner


Live your best life now to manifest love


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