New Year Intentions and a Powerful Story!

This morning, I went to a new cafe and I ended up having a lovely conversation with a lady who works there. After I had coffee and breakfast, I decided to walk around and then I went to another coffee shop in the same block. I basically didn’t like the coffee at the first place and so I wanted to have a good cup of coffee. The first one was too acidic.

How to Manifest Powerful Shifts

Since the second cafe is a local, authentic type of place and not a match to my style, something powerful happened there!

If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that to manifest clues and evidence about your desire, you want to shake up your routine and do new things. Well this applies to manifesting healing and powerful shifts too.

I was sitting there having my second cup of coffee, when a woman (I believe she’s one of the co-founders of the cafe) walked in. She was holding a laptop, in a rush and her energy was basically frantic.

She immediately sat down at a table near me and then was giving orders to the staff, making harsh critical remarks and asking the guy to clean a specific table so she could move to it.

I immediately identified with her energy – because it mirrored mine to a certain degree!

She was also angry and very masculine in her energy.

After she moved to another table, she asked the waiter for the wifi password again and it’s because she needed it for he mobile phone. I offered that the waiter takes the slip of paper where he wrote the password for me and that’s when she stared at me. But it was a very strong and mind-identified stare! Our eyes met for about a second or two because I didn’t want to connect with her extremely strong masculine energy.

Then it hit me. I realized why I encountered this entrepreneur and coffee shop owner.

New Year Intentions

My 2022 intention was to be in my feminine energy and to do less. I’m happy to report that I’ve been following through with my intention by taking things easy and not filling my days with tasks and to-do-list items.

Because the Universe is always on our side and wants us to manifest our desires, it guides us and fulfills our wishes.

Seeing this woman at the cafe and being confronted with my own masculine side is a powerful way to bring awareness to where I need to soften and change.

We all have old patterns and habits that we were raised with and it’s never late to change them.

For me, this means doing less and creating space in my schedule to rest and do nothing.

It’s not having to fill my days with tasks and things to do just because I was raised to be productive all the time – in every moment of each day.

I even decided to not cook tomorrow and to order my lunch instead. I have a meal plan delivery five days a week and I usually cook on weekends. But since this week, there’s a change in the delivery days, I took it as an opportunity to take a break from cooking for one day of the weekend. I still went grocery shopping for Saturday and Sunday.

What are your New Year Intentions?

What are your new year intentions? Did you write them down? Did you bring awareness to how they’re impacting your manifestation process?

Being in my masculine energy for most of the day is counterintuitive to the life that I’m manifesting. Because in my dream life, I spend most of my time in my feminine essence while my partner is in his masculine side.

It makes sense for me to reverse this if I want to manifest my dream life faster. Because the energy that you emit creates your future life.

I always choose a theme for my year and for 2022 it’s feminine energy. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments!


New Year Intentions

New Year Intentions

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