Why Developing Habits and Consistency are Important


In an older blog post I talked about how I had extremely overprotective and controlling parents while growing up. This shaped my lifestyle and relationships with others. Living in Saudi is already restricting because of the social and cultural nature of the country.
It is a life in the bubble. When you feel like you’re being sheltered from everything, including life itself. Of course, I’m now working on healing myself and focusing on the present moment.
I brought up this topic because I wanted to discuss the idea of exploring as many activities and meeting as many new people as possible. This is what I’ve been doing since I left home in the summer of 2009.
When you grow up in a confined and restricting environment, you tend to become closed and reserved without even noticing it. So, I had to go through a series of life experiences and situations to become more open and natural.
I can give you some tips on how to become more open and exposed. But for now, I wanted to talk about how when you choose to explore as many places, experiences and networking opportunities, you don’t develop any solid habits or routines.
The main issue with not having any habits or routines is the lack of consistency and belonging. My life coach drew my attention to this aspect when we were discussing community and finding the right partner. We came to the conclusion that the great lack of consistency and habits in my lifestyle prevents me from building a community or sense of belonging.
Obviously, when you don’t develop a fixed routine or habits your days and nights will be random and you will be floating in the city. Which basically describes my life for the past couple of years!
I’m happy to say that I’m now working towards a more consistent and habit-based lifestyle. At least there are areas where I have solid roots, like my Zumba studio for example.
I also plan to commit to a work routine once I get back from my Bali trip next month. I would like to have a couple of cafes that I frequent to work from, in addition to working from home at times.
Reflection: How much consistency does your daily schedule have? Would you consider yourself to be a person of habit or spontaneity? Do you like being flexible and going with the flow, or do you prefer building a solid network and community?

Source: Saudi Feed

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