Create your Reality by Raising Your Vibration

This morning, I decided to leave my place early and run a few errands in the neighborhood.

I usually like to get coffee and sit somewhere to talk to my IG community or create content, but today I switched things up.

Instead of getting coffee, I just passed by the pharmacy and two grocery stores before heading back home.

What was really fascinating – apart from magical messages from the Universe – was the fact that everyone I encountered was positive.

There was a new lady at the cash till at the grocery store that I always go to and her energy was high and good!

The truth is that our reality is constantly reflecting our inner world. So raising your vibration and feeling good, reflects our physical reality.

What was my Old Vibration Like

I will honestly say that in the past year or so, I was still processing inner child therapy work and I wasn’t living from a high-vibe place.

This means that I was living from a guarded place and protecting myself from the world. Or even hiding from it.

I was still doing things that I had to do and running errands. But I would do things in a way that was so structured and limiting.

I would go for the main grocery shop once a week – right before the weekend – so I can cook on the weekend.

Everything is Happening for You

You might be wondering what helped me shift my vibration and routine. Well, let me explain.

Last Saturday, I found out that the meal plan company had a fire in their kitchen and that they have to put the deliveries on hold.

And I’ve been getting my meals delivered five days a week from them for the past year. Since early March of last year.

What this meant was that I now had to plan my own meals and snacks and be pro-active about it.

So I would make more frequent trips to grocery stores and I would live in the flow of life.

Being a foodie, I actually enjoy planning my meals and shopping for ingredients and even cooking.

But what this change did was force me to switch up my routine and this is a great thing for manifesting magic!

What my New Vibration Feels Like

I’m now less of a perfectionist and I live from a state of flow and surrender.

Like today, I decided to order lunch instead of make something. Simply because I didn’t feel like roasting vegetables.

In the past, I used to treat myself the same way my parents treated me: with strong discipline and control.

Another example is how I was planning to clean my place this week. And because I wasn’t feeling too well, I decided to do simple cleaning chores on a number of days. And on the days when I felt drained, I would skip cleaning altogether.

Basically I’m now in tune with how I feel and I don’t push through life or try to force things to happen.

I felt it the most when I went for a walk last Saturday evening. Although it wasn’t my first week to go out for an evening walk, this time it felt different.

I no longer felt like I was in waiting or planning mode. As if something has to happen before I can live my best life.

Instead, I was already living a fulfilling life and doing what I love – as if I already have my dream life and partner.

And that’s the best place to be living from to attract magic into your life.

It felt so liberating and freeing. It felt good to be living my best life. I felt happy and grateful for the gift of life.

Did I feel stuck because I still didn’t have a partner? No. I was living from an energy of flow and ease.

Raising Your Vibration: You Create Your Own Reality

I hope that you found my latest story inspirational and helpful.

I want to know: Are you living your best life?

If you feel stuck and feel called to work with a certified coach who can help you release old beliefs, patterns and energy, get in touch!


raising your vibration

Raising your vibration

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