Shift your Focus and Release Resistance to Attract Anything You Want

Transition and Vibration Shift

I’ve been feeling really exhausted and low in energy for the past week or so.

I even had the strap piece on my handbag break and this is a sign of spiritual growth and up-levelling.

Whenever you experience things breaking – it could be a necklace or a bag – it’s usually a good sign of getting to the next level of your soul.

What’s interesting is that I feel so calm and relaxed about my manifestation. It’s as if I’m being pulled into this new vibration.

It’s like my energy is shifting from an anxious and impatient state of wanting my desire to show up to a trusting and surrendering place.

And I can tell you, that living from this vibration feels so good and relaxing. It’s like I’m in a totally new dimension.

Acting as if I have a partner is so effortless from this state of being. Because I’m no longer in the energy of need and desperation.

Why Shifting your Focus Can Help You Attract Anything You Want

Let me share with you a practical tip that can help you release resistance and manifest faster.

You might already know about the law of attraction principle that says that focusing on not having your desire simply repels it.

Basically, when you focus on what you don’t have, you attract more of that and you stay stuck in a loop of not having it!

If you want to understand this LOA concept, check out this blog post that I wrote about this topic.

I totally know how it feels when you start doing the law of attraction work and then start to get impatient about your desire and why it hasn’t shown up yet in your life!

I used to be living from that energy and space too. Until I recently had this energy shift and I’m not sure what caused it. I’m assuming it’s a result of processing all the inner child and tantra work that I did in the winter of 2019!

How you can Shift your Focus to Let go of Resistance 

One of my favorite and effective ways to allow myself to live from a place of flow and ease is to shift my focus from my manifestation to other areas of my life.

For example, if you’re working on manifesting-love, focus on career or hobbies instead.

And if you’re manifesting clients or career-related stuff, focus on love or hobbies.

I can tell you that this works because once I released attachment to growing my social media following and getting paid clients, I started to grow organically and get inquiries and a client recently.

When it comes to love, these days, I’m focusing on hobbies like cooking and finding a workout that works for me and that I enjoy.

I’m also looking at my options to travel and use my tickets before they expire!

I truly enjoy improving my cooking skills and looking for ways to stay healthy and fit.

So when you shift your focus to something other than your desire, it has to be genuine and authentic.

You have to really enjoy doing the other things and trusting that your desire is on the way.

Let me know if you’re already doing this and if you have any questions about this LOA tip!

Attract Anything You Want

Shift your focus to attract anything you want

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