Feeling Worthy: You have to Believe in Manifesting Magic!

I realized that I’ve covered so many advanced law of attraction principles and tips. But I missed out on one basic and very important one!

It’s the fact that unless you believe that you’re worthy and deserving of a magical love life, you can’t manifest it.

I remember a powerful reading that I had with a psychic medium in 2016, who said something that made no sense to me at the time.

She said: “You’re in this energy of I want and it’s blocking your partner away!”

She was basically referring to being in the energy of need and desperation. And we all know what this does to our desire. It simply repels it and pushes it away from us.

I wrote a blog post about this topic here.

Since that reading, I’ve done shadow work, inner child work, tantra work and so many less intense workshops in between!

What I’m trying to say is that unless you do the inner work and shift your limiting beliefs, manifesting can be really tough.

Why is Feeling Unworthy or Unloved a Problem?

If you had parents who were emotionally unavailable or who made you feel that you’re not good enough, you will always feel this way as an adult.

I know this from personal experience. Even though I moved away from home for good in 2009, I kept attracting people and situations that made me feel not good enough.

It was a vicious and horrible cycle. No matter where I was or who I was interacting with, it always reflected my parents’ toxic energy and behavior.

It wasn’t until I did the deep inner work and trained as an NLP life coach, that things started to shift.

These days, I attract kind and respectful people everywhere I go. It’s all a result of the work that I did in the past couple of years.

Just this morning, I had the friendliest and loveliest experience at a hair salon. In the past, these places were trigger zones for me!

I can confidently tell you that if you’re doubting your dream life or partner – even slightly – that you can’t bring it into your reality.

You want to feel lucky and grateful and happy – as if it already happened!

You want to feel worthy of a healthy and loving relationship and life.

Are You Ready to Start Feeling Worthy? One-on-one Coaching for May

If you feel ready to work with a certified coach who was on the same journey that you’re going through now, then check out my Soul Collective site. You can also read client success stories and learn about what I do and how I can help you manifest your dream life after releasing your blocks to love.

Trust me, I’m someone who had a lot of trauma and dysfunction in the past. So I can truly understand and help you through anything!

If you have any questions about my coaching or manifesting using the law of attraction, drop them in the comments!


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