Part Seven of My Bali Journey: Healing Integration in Ubud

Last Bali Story

I took a break from blogging while my dad was in town. You can read all about the healing integration that happened in that week here.

If you missed the latest Bali move story, you can read it here. This blog post was about the most important part of the entire six-month Bali.

While the Uluwatu stay was all about self-discovery and getting clarity about the type of person that I’m manifesting and where he could be living, Ubud was an entirely healing integration step.

I stayed in Ubud twice throughout the six months that I lived in Bali. You can read about the first Ubud trip here. That first stay was all about putting closure to things and people from the past.

The second stay lasted for a month and it was so powerful for healing integration. Let me explain.

Healing Integration in Ubud

In my second Ubud trip, I started to experience all sorts of incidents that pushed me to integrated all he healing work that I did in real life.

I started speaking my truth in all situations, defending myself and setting healthy boundaries with random strangers in public. It was so powerful and strong that I felt that this was the real healing and not what I did at the Osho meditation center.

What’s important to know about healing is that you can choose the modality that works best for you, but unless you start integrating the healing work by putting it into practice, then you’ll stay at the same place.

The reason that I didn’t integrate all the healing work that I did back in 2019 is that I was isolating myself after the intense workshops. In addition to that, the pandemic started right after I did the major inner child healing work. In that time, we were all self-isolating for a couple of years. So there was no place for the integration to happen.

Another thing that happened in my second Ubud stay was that I kept seeing people from the past. Like I said, Ubud was more like a closure of things and people from the past. It was intense.

When I say that my second month in Ubud was all about healing integration, I’m not exaggerating. Until my last day (specifically afternoon) in Ubud, I had an incident with a bike driver where I had to be assertive on where I wanted to be dropped off. The integration was so powerful until the last day!

I’m excited to share about my last week in Bali, where more inner child healing took place.

Stay tuned for next week’s story and let me know what you think!



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