Part Six of my Bali Journey – My Uluwatu Trip and Why it was the Most Important Town!

Last Week’s Bali Story

Before moving to Uluwatu for three weeks, I spent three weeks in mystical Ubud.

You can read that story here and how it helped me clear old energy.

After my first Ubud stay, I headed on my Uluwatu trip for three weeks.

What was Special about Uluwatu?

The first thing you should know is that Uluwatu is the only new town I visited in all of Bali. Although I’ve visited Bali many times since 2016, I’ve never been to Uluwatu.

This fact is so important because stepping out of your comfort zone ultimately helps you manifest clues and signs about your next move towards creating your dream life.

Another reason Uluwatu is special is that it’s the epitome of my dream life: a bohemian lifestyle, surf culture, cliff beaches in the backdrop, weekend markets with live music, and great coffee.

When I lived in Uluwatu for three weeks, I felt like I already manifested my dream life! That’s how close that town’s vibe is to my true self and soul essence.

I remember thinking that the law of attraction advice that asks you to feel your desire as if it had already happened is only doable when you’re living in close proximity to your dream life!

While I was in Uluwatu, I felt like there was no separation between my current life and my dream/future life. It felt as if I was already there and that I had manifested everything that I dreamed of.

Of course, this was only possible because I stepped out of my comfort zone while staying in Ulu town.

Let me explain. First, it wasn’t easy to find mid-range luxury hotels in Uluwatu. And I’m someone who does hard-core research! So, while I was looking for mid-range luxury hotels, it was a real struggle.

I ended up staying at an average three-star boutique hotel, which was clean and decent. But the lighting in the room was so low and dim that I developed dark circles around my eyes by the end of my stay.

Also, since most Uluwatu beaches are located under cliffs, I couldn’t visit them while I was there. I didn’t want to risk injuring myself while taking the steep stairs down to them. That’s because I had just recovered from serious skin burns from an IPL hair removal session.

Ironically, I visited a beach club in Uluwatu while I was staying in Seminyak. The beach club has a cable car that takes you to the beach, and the ocean is safe for swimming there.

But since my skin had just healed from the burns, I wanted to avoid long hours of sun exposure. So, I didn’t visit any beaches during my entire time in Uluwatu!

I went to many cool, luxury hotels with ocean-view bars. I shared all the content on my Twitter so you can follow me there for daily updates. Twitter is the only social media platform that I’m active on.

Although there were few things to do in Uluwatu, I still made the most of my stay because my intuition told me that I had to stay there. And it turned out that I was right! Uluwatu was the town that helped me discover the missing puzzle piece in my love manifestation journey.

My Major Takeaway from my Uluwatu Trip

Uluwatu was the stepping stone to the next chapter of my manifestation journey.

What I discovered while in Uluwatu (from a number of random incidents and experiences) is that the type of person I’m manifesting exists in other parts of the world, too—not only in Bali! LOL.

I knew this fact, but Uluwatu helped me steer my focus from meeting someone special in Bali to looking elsewhere. And that’s through continuing with the matchmaking agencies process.

Without going into details of how I reached this discovery, I want to encourage you to do something new and unusual that you’ve never done before. This is how you manifest the most powerful clue or sign for the next action in your manifestation journey.

For me, it was staying in a town in Bali for the first time. The town is located in the southernmost part of the island (look it up on the map). It doesn’t have much to offer if you’re not a surfer and don’t want to take hundreds or thousands of steps to get to a beach.

So, to manifest the next clue, try to do something brave, courageous and completely outside your comfort zone.

Let me know how your manifestation journey goes after this big, bold, brave move!

Stay tuned for part seven of my Bali journey, where I will spend an entire month in Ubud.



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