The Path to Healing Integration and Fulfillment

Life Updates

I’ve been MIA for a week because my dad was in town, and I was spending most of my time with him.

I was also busy processing and integrating all my inner child healing work in 2019!

This is why I decided to focus this post on healing the relationship with the masculine energy.

I wrote a couple of blog posts on the topic and this is one of them. You can read it here.

The Healing Integration Timeline

What’s funny is that when I did the inner child healing work, I thought I would start attracting emotionally healthy men immediately.

I remember discussing the topic of meeting a life partner and starting a family with some of the participants. They shared about old participants who had done the same healing work and went on to meet their life partners and start families.

Well, no one shared the timeline, which is why this post is so important. I don’t want anyone to be delusional about this type of healing work.

I did inner child healing work during two different workshops. Both were given by Osho-trained therapists. The first workshop was a weekend one that took place in Dubai.

I then went to an Osho meditation center in Italy in the following year (within a few months apart really) and did the one-week intensive inner child healing work. Both were group therapy workshops.

Because I wanted to make this healing work, I followed the advice to the T and took some time off to integrate after the workshop ended. This was in early November 2019.

Fast-forward to when I moved to Bali, and I had a powerful inner child healing experience. You can read about it here.

Interestingly, I felt that the healing integration was complete only during my dad’s recent trip to town (last week).

This means that it took around four and a half years to completely integrate the healing work!

When I look back at the conversation I had with those inner child healing workshop participants, I laugh. I had no clue about the ride that I was signing up for by doing this type of healing work!

I also did a brief family constellation workshop, which is directly related to healing the relationship with the caregivers.

How do I know that the Healing is Completed?

Apart from one waiter’s gesture at the Chinese restaurant where my dad and I were dining (check the photo below), I also felt like I reached a high level of accepting my father for who he is as a person.

So, instead of feeling disappointed in his role as a father figure and caretaker, I see his eccentric character and how that’s part of who I am.

You can say that I made peace with the relationship and with his role as a caregiver and father.

This type of work is complicated, and I share more details in my upcoming ebook. The first chapter is about this topic and is dedicated to healing the relationship with the masculine.

If you feel like you’re not attracting emotionally healthy men, this could be because of your relationship with your father. It’s all connected.

And until you heal the relationship with the masculine energy, you can’t manifest a healthy and loving relationship.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. If you want to stay updated with my ebook’s release date, sign up to the blog here.

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