Six-month Bali Adventure: Part Two – Inner Child Healing at a Seminyak Airbnb

My Six-month Bali Move Travel Stories and Inner Child Healing

If you missed last week’s travel story from my six-month Bali move, you can read it here.

Each Tuesday, I’ll share part of my six-month Bali stay with you. Of course, each part of my move had a unique theme. August was my second month, and it was the most important one.

That month, I met a Balinese family who stayed next to the Airbnb where I was staying. The entire Bali move was centred around my connection with a four-year-old girl called Gladis.

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What Happened in August

In yesterday’s Manifestation Monday blog post, I shared the top signs that reflect that you’re getting close to manifesting your desire. One of them was getting sick.

I also shared how in each month of my Bali move, some illness or trauma happened to me.

In retrospect, August was actually an easy month when it came to getting sick. In that month, I had Bali belly for the first time. It wasn’t that intense because I took immediate action to heal.

If you ever get Bali belly, I highly recommend staying hydrated with coconut water and integrating activated charcoal into your diet. I share a picture of an amazing activated charcoal smoothie bowl.

But the highlight of that month was meeting the Balinese family, whom I became friends with thanks to their toddler Gladis.

When I got back to Dubai, I discovered that Gladis’s parents went to the same school and class as one of my friend’s sons! Powerful synchronicity shows that everything is connected and that you’re already on the bridge of events to manifest your dream life. You’re just not aware of it.

In a future Manifestation Monday blog post, I’ll explain more about the bridge of events.

Rewinding Back to when I was Booking my Airbnb Stay

I want to share with you a very important story about how you can tell when something will get you closer to your dream life.

When I was still in Dubai, planning my Bali move. I only booked the first three weeks (at a luxury Seminyak hotel) and the entire month of August (at a Seminyak Airbnb). I booked the rest of the stays as I went along in my stay and by following the spiritual messages from the Universe.

I’ll explain to you how I got to book each hotel at the start of each story from this series.

When I contacted the Seminyak Airbnb host, I got very quick responses. I was in my Dubai apartment then, and the host’s replies came back so fast.

I felt that something was telling me that I should book this Airbnb studio. And so I did.

What turned out to be the worst accommodation (when it came to the space, the bugs and geckos inside the room, the rooster in the first few days, the water leakage one day, and the power outage on another) was also the most important milestone in my entire Bali move.

The story’s moral is that when something is moving for you with ease, go ahead with the decision because there could be a powerful transformation behind it.

Unexpected Inner Child Healing

What happened in August, when I went to Besakih temple with the Balinese family, was surreal.

I actually had the most powerful inner child healing experience. I was crying the night after the trip to Besakih temple. More tearful, healing moments followed throughout my entire six-month move.

The ironic thing is that although I joined a very intense inner child healing group workshop at an Osho meditation center in Italy, I didn’t experience the healing energy that I did in this Bali trip.

I felt genuinely loved for the first time in my 43 years of life. And this pure love came from a four-year-old Balinese girl named Gladis.

This Airbnb stay was only the beginning of many rewarding experiences with Gladis and her family.

Gladis and I played hide and seek in my next hotel room, went down the slide in the playground, shared countless Gelato moments and watched cartoons on TV.

No words can describe the unconditional love and sense of belonging that I felt from this lovely Balinese girl.

I continue to connect with her young mother and plan to visit Bali this June to celebrate Gladis’s fifth birthday.

So many beautiful memories were created on this trip. And I look forward to having more soul-healing experiences in my next Bali trip.

I’ll share more stories about my interactions and time spent with the Balinese family in future blog posts.

For now, here are some of the highlight photos from August. If you want to see everything, head to my Twitter page and follow me there.



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