Signs that you’re Getting Close to Manifesting your Desire

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Since returning to Dubai, I’ve been experiencing so many mixed emotions. Many of these emotions concern the vast difference between island life and city life.

I’ve also been reflecting on my single life and living alone in the city. I reached a point where I feel that it’s truly unsustainable. I also have very toxic neighbours, and this morning, I woke up from my sleep to the sound of a woman screaming. So, things are just getting worse with this story.

Being a forward-thinker with a positive mindset, I know how to navigate these situations. And that’s by taking inspired action towards change and by focusing on the solution instead of the problem.

After surviving a toxic childhood and adulthood, I can say that I’m an expert in finding solutions to life problems!

Signs that you’re Getting Close to Manifesting your Desire

I realized lately that I’ve been experiencing many signs reflecting that my desire (dream relationship and person) is coming to me. So, I thought I would share some of these major signs with you.

Here are the top signs that you’re getting close to manifesting your desire:

  • You get sick. This is a negative sign, but it’s basically your body’s way of purging the old and making space for new energy and people to come in. Since I moved to Bali last July, I’ve been having back-to-back illnesses and bad incidents. Each month of my six-month trip had a theme of some illness or bad event! From getting Bali belly for the first time to getting serious skin burns after an IPL laser hair removal session to getting the flu and digestion problems. You name it, it happened to me in the past seven months. It’s scary but true.
  • You dream about your future life. This can be a random short dream about you being with a man or a more specific scene from your dream life. Whatever the dream, it’s a vivid dream with a future tense and is directly linked to your desire.
  • Your friends and many people around you are now having your desire. This sign has actually happened to me over the last two years, and I’m still experiencing it! So many of my friends and people I’ve known in the past got married and met their person! This is such a powerful sign because we all used to be single at some point. Some of us are chronically single even, and then suddenly, they are all married! Like officially married to their person. Isn’t this a crazy sign?! And, of course, I have to be the spiritual one who follows the law of attraction to the T and is experiencing all of these unions. LOL. Trust me, I’m the one who’s chronically single and for the longest time!
  • People from the past start to show up and some send you messages. This is another powerful sign that I’ve experienced strongly when in Bali. I saw people who I’ve known from previous trips to the island. I also received messages from random people that I was connected to in the past. So random like a hair stylist that I used to go to ages ago and a friend’s father who appeared from no where. Really crazy stuff!
  • You have a renewed sense of peace and fulfillment. This is something that naturally happens after doing so much healing work. For example, you start to feel fulfilled and happy in your life. It truly feels like you already have your desire and there’s nothing missing or lacking. You feel like you’re basically saying yes to life more than before. You’re living your best life and not waiting for something to happen or someone to show up. You feel empowered, content and grateful.
  • You’re not in the energy of need and desperation. You feel happy with your current situation and life. You don’t even care whether your desire shows up because it feels like you already have it! Honestly, it feels so surreal and liberating to get to the stage. I now feel happy with myself and my life, to the extent that it doesn’t matter whether I meet my person or not. I didn’t think I would ever get to this stage because I was always in the needy and desperate energy. But now I feel like somehow my life is complete. It’s difficult to put into words. But to show you how solid this state is, I’m not even dating anyone right now. So that’s how secure and fulfilled you want to be.

I have another exciting and insightful topic for next week’s Manifestation Monday blog post. So stay tuned and sign up to the blog to stay updated.



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