The Bridge of Events when Manifesting: What is it?

New Lunar Year, New Energy

Wow! Do you feel the major shift in energy? The Chinese New Year brought with it a fresh, new energy and it’s powerful.

This year, I decided to follow the Chinese New Year traditions to the T. I deep-cleaned my entire apartment on the day before the Chinese New Year. I also avoided cleaning, washing dishes or washing my hair on the day. And I can tell you that I feel great!

The fact that this year’s Chinese New Year coincided with a New Moon made this shift in energy even more powerful. I also like that the Year of the Dragon promises luck for Monkey signs. And that includes me!

Let me know how you’re feeling. Did you celebrate with a Chinese meal? I made myself a Chinese stir fry at home and it turned out so good!

Manifestation Signs

If you missed last week’s blog post about signs that you’re getting close to manifesting your desire, you can read it here.

As I stated in the blog post, I already experienced all of the signs that I share. So you can trust that these signs are solid and accurate.

The Bridge of Events

You might have heard about the bridge of events when manifesting something big like a relationship.

What does the bridge of events mean?

Let me explain. The bridge of events is the series of situations and life events that lead you to manifesting your desire in reality.

Of course, this bridge of events is unique to each one of us. And the cool part is that you won’t know that you’re on it while it’s happening. It’s all part of trusting the manifestation process and your journey.

Although I still haven’t manifested my person, I can share with you a series of events and synchronicities that are all connected to manifesting him.

On my first ever Bali trip and in my first week, I met my friend Ceria through an American solo traveler who connected me to her.

Ceria later introduced me to Vanessa, my second Indonesian friend on my second trip to the island.

Since then, we’ve become friends and I see them every time I visit the island.

In my last Bali trip, I met a Balinese family who became my friends. I wrote about this in previous blog posts.

When I got back to Dubai, I discovered that my friend Vanessa’s son went to the same school and class as Gladis’s parents!

This is a powerful synchronicity proving that everything is connected and that I was already on the bridge of events from my first ever Bali trip.

You might be wondering about how this is connected to manifesting my person.

The simple answer is that my Bali journey is all about healing. The most profound healing happened in the six months that I spent connecting with the Balinese family.

It was mostly inner child healing and that’s what my soul truly needs to manifest a healthy and loving relationship.

Now do you see how the bridge of events is a series of synchronicities that lead you to your dream life and person.

A story to remember to enjoy the manifestation journey and not be too attached to the outcome.

The journey IS the destination.

Do you have any questions about the bridge of events? Let me know in the comments.

Happy year of the Dragon!



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