New Year Intentions: What will you Focus on in 2022?

Last Thursday, I shared my new year intentions and how I plan to do less and be in my feminine energy.

When I shared these intentions with a friend, she suggested that I can focus on the looks and outside to help me tune into my feminine side.

What’s interesting is that I already had mini goals to work on my looks for 2022. I will start straightening my hair at home once a week and will practice applying makeup that suits me.

Another thing that I aim to do is to start wearing more feminine outfits and focusing on my sense of style.

What Led to my Masculine and Tom-boy Looks

I learned from a primal breath workshop that my mother wanted a boy as a third child. So I unconsciously tried to please her by dressing up like a tomboy. This is not something that I was aware of until I did that primal breath workshop in 2018.

And guess what? I still dress like a tomboy to this day. I share this to show you that doing the inner work is always ongoing and it doesn’t matter how much time it takes as long as you keep working on yourself.

Although I occasionally wear feminine dresses and other outfits, my go-to is always something casual, comfortable and pretty much masculine.

Yesterday, I went shopping for jumpers. After checking out one store that mainly had hoodies and sporty jumpers, I intentionally chose not to buy anything from that store and went on to another one. In the second store, I managed to find two jumpers that were more on the feminine side and so I got them.

This is all you have to do. First, bring awareness to the old pattern and then consciously do things differently to shift it.

It takes patience and consistency. This is the way to shift any old pattern or habit.

My masculine energy also comes from being raised to be independent and strong. This is another pattern that I only recently became aware of and that I’m slowly working on changing.

As long as you have awareness, the rest will unfold just perfectly.

For example, I allow others to support me in simple things. Like when I came back from my staycation, I asked the driver to help me take my suitcase and other bag to the building. This wasn’t part of his role but since we could find a parking spot near my building, I asked him to help and he kindly did.

These are just some examples and of course there are more deeper ones.

What Small Goals am I Taking to Shift this Pattern

Apart from styling my hair at home once a week, practicing my makeup skills and focusing on dressing like a woman (not a man) LOL – I’m also doing less. This is the main thing that I shared in last week’s blog post.

If you noticed, my blog posts are not as regular as they used to be. I write only when I have time and bandwidth (love this new word that I learned). I write when I feel like sharing something and when I truly feel like writing a blog post.

I’m also writing an e-book on manifesting a partner, so this is another reason why my blogging is less frequent.

When I’m not writing blog posts, I’m drafting chapters of my e-book for my coach to review.

So excited to bring this project to life once it’s complete. The e-book will be sold on my website. So stay tuned and sign up for updates here. You also get a Free Manifestation Guide when you sign up.

Oh and I manifested a softer look makeup artist that I will follow and learn from in the next couple of months. How cool is that?!

These are my 2022 intentions explained. The theme is feminine energy and I shared with you how I plan to implement it with small goals and shifts.

What’s your theme for 2022 and how do you plan on making it happen?

Let me know in the comments!


New Year intentions

New Year intentions

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