Manifesting Anything by Integrating what you Seek in your Life Now!

Happy Manifestation Monday!

I made a massive leap in my manifestation journey over the weekend!

I watched Eat, Pray, Love on DVD on Friday night. You might be thinking what the big deal is about this?

Let me explain by giving some background to the story. I had a few DVD movies for so many years, and I rarely watched any of them.

I might have watched a movie on my own two or three times. Why? Because I always wanted to watch these movies with my partner.

Can you believe that this has been going on for an entire decade?!

I only have a few DVD’s, but the idea is that I was waiting for someone to make me happy, and I wasn’t accepting my single status.

If you read my previous Manifestation Monday blog post about this topic, you would know that making peace with being single is a crucial step to manifesting a healthy, loving relationship.

So for me to choose to watch my all-time favourite movie – alone – and be completely happy and content while doing that is a HUGE step forward in the right direction!

I also realized that I never watched the full movie in the past. It was the few scenes in Bali I mostly watched. 

I also recently read the book.  So, it felt terrific to watch the whole movie and to have it on DVD! There’s an equally long story behind how I finally managed to get it on DVD!

These days, I’m gradually discovering the things that I’m doing wrong in my soul mate manifestation process. And trust me, there are too many!

I’ll be sharing each golden tip in a separate blog post. This way I can elaborate and it’s clear to understand.

Become the Energy that you Seek in a Partner

Do you want to know how manifesting anything is possible?

This is an essential tip that I was aware of in theory but only started practicing it recently.

And as with everything, you can’t force change. It has to happen naturally and organically.

When you are attracted to someone, there are certain traits or qualities that you like about them.

Let’s say that you always find funny, silly men attractive, and that’s a trait that you want to manifest in a partner?

The reality is that this specific trait is part of your soul essence, and you have it within you as well.

That’s why you crave it and want to be around people who are fun or have a good sense of humor and show it.

That’s why you keep falling in love with those player men who don’t respect you but who are super funny and cool.

You are seeking what you already have within you in another person when you should be activating that emotion within you instead!

Family Conditioning and Programming 

The main reason that you’re not already living from that fun and light space is that you were conditioned to be otherwise!

Manifesting anything won’t be possible if you don’t address this.

If you were raised in a family where you were encouraged to be serious and formal all the time, then, of course, you will lose the playful soul essence of yours with time!

I was raised in a home where everyone was serious, career-oriented, mind-identified, structured and overall boring!

My Sannyasin name is Leela, and this means playfulness and laughter. I was given that name in February of last year, and it was an initiation of my Sannyasin journey.

What this means is that I can now integrate playfulness and fun into my daily life and live in alignment with that magical soul essence!

Each one of us is unique and beautiful in our way. Yet something happens when you live in a family system. They mold you into the shape and form that fits the family image.

You need to do the inner work and spiritual growth to release the layers of conditioning. Otherwise, you will be living out of the conditioned you. You won’t be manifesting anything including a healthy, loving relationship.

You can, of course, manifest a partner who has a similar programing to yours. But that’s not the manifestation that I teach and practice. That’s just called getting by in life. And sadly it’s what most people do.

Step into your Future/Authentic Self

Do you remember the three authoritative lists that you can create to help you manifest a partner faster?

If you missed that blog post, you can read it here.

Today’s topic about manifesting anything falls under list number three.

It’s something that you still need to practice and work on to get closer to manifesting your soul mate.

You don’t have to be hard on yourself or judge yourself for not doing this earlier.

How can you do things that you didn’t know? How can you do something different when you didn’t know any better? That’s impossible!

To make this golden manifestation tip more clear, let me give an example from my manifestation story.

Manifesting Anything

As you probably know, I love people with a fun personality and a good sense of humor. You see, they don’t take themselves or their lives too seriously.

And although I’m naturally drawn to friends or men who are naturally funny and witty, I wasn’t activating that emotion in my daily life.

With family (my dad basically) pressures to be successful and make my life coaching business work, I would spend weeks on end just focusing on career – with zero space for having fun or being silly and funny.

Then when I would go out into the world and meet fun, relaxed, funny guys, I would become co-dependent because I was seeking that emotion in another person, instead of embodying it myself!

This can be easily shifted when you acknowledge that what you are seeking is already part of who you are.

Then, you can look at ways to activate that emotion in your daily life. To become that energy and to own it as who you are.

That’s when it transforms from being something that you’re trying to obtain outside of you, to who you are in essence!

And when you live your life from that place, you become a powerful magnet to your desire!

Let me share a practical example from my current lockdown life.

I recently discovered a dance fitness YouTube channel with some fresh Latin dance workout videos.

When I dance, I’m embodying the playfulness and fun that’s a central part of who I am.

It’s a direct and easy way to activate emotions of fun, excitement and play and of course, good feeling in general.

I also enjoy dancing to Osho celebration songs and joining a weekly ecstatic dance session with a group in Bali.

These are all activities that help me step into that playful and fun version of me, who was alive inside of me all these years!

Reframing Adversity and Giving it a Different Meaning

These days, I look back at my toxic and adverse childhood – and adulthood – as I left home at age 29. I see things from a fresh perspective.

If I didn’t have this adversity, then I might not have discovered my authentic self.

I say this because I meet many people – who might have enjoyed emotionally healthy childhoods – who are still living out of conditioning.

They have no idea who they are in their soul essence. They weren’t pushed in the direction of self-discovery and self-awareness because they didn’t face adversity that required them to invest in getting to know themselves.

So, if you feel like you’re unsure of who you are in essence, be grateful that you have the awareness and the resources to get there.

Let me know if you would be interested in joining a FREE week-long training on the topic of discovering your authentic self.

If you have other suggestions for topics for a course on my Soul Collective membership site, then do let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for another exciting blog post this Wednesday!

Manifesting Anything

Manifesting Anything

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