Manifest a Partner Today by Creating These Three Powerful Lists

Happy Monday!

I’m allowing myself to do whatever I feel like doing these days and avoid pushing myself too much.

So today, I was planning to clean the balcony, but I now decided that I won’t be doing that task because there’s not enough time.

I also just discovered a very cool YouTube fitness channel with dance workouts. So I’m so excited to start my first workout with them this afternoon!

Permitting yourself to do what you feel like doing is a powerful way to step into your future/higher self and manifest with ease.

Another great manifestation tool that you can do right now is to create three specific lists.

The Three Main Lists to Manifest a Life Partner

List One: What are you looking for in a partner?

This is an essential list because it’s about setting the intention and being clear about what you want.

I like to call it a soul mate wish list. You can write as many personality traits or physical qualities you want.

Just remember to be as specific as you can. And if there’s something that you’re not sure of, then keep it general.

Try to take your time and use your imagination to think of what is it exactly that you want in an ideal relationship and partner?

When manifesting, we really can create what we ask for. So make sure to include everything and don’t feel like you’re being picky or asking too much. That’s actually how the manifestation process works!

From where you would like to live, to what lifestyle you wish you have, to what activities you will do together as a couple, mention it all and don’t leave anything out.

You can either write this list in a notebook or on your phone and review it whenever your intuition tells you to do so.

Another thing you can do is just read it out loud to yourself or a friend at the time of the New Moon.

The main thing to remember is to include the feelings and emotions that are associated with your ideal relationship.

How do you feel? 

How does your man make you feel? 

What’s the primary emotion in your future reality?

Be as specific as you can as the more precise you are about what you want, the faster it comes to you!

List Two: What do you have to offer to a partner?

I think I got this tip communicated to me in the past through other people whom I’ve met.

Of course, it was the Universe guiding me through these souls. And I can honestly say that I recently wrote this list and I’m very proud of what I have in it.

This is a compilation of all your positive and good traits.

Let’s say that you are reliable and independent, and at the same time, you are kind, sensitive and empathetic.

Focus on all the positive personality traits and qualities that make you valuable to someone and a healthy, loving relationship.

You can also include things like you have a good sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Or maybe you are a very resourceful person and are knowledgeable in many aspects of life.

Just follow your intuition and write what comes to your mind when doing this exercise.

I truly enjoyed writing this list as it was done after a long period of self-discovery and self-reflection. So I had a good idea about the qualities that make me unique and special.

List Three: What do you still need to work on to manifest a healthy romantic relationship?

When writing this list, be careful of one major thing. Be mindful of not seeing yourself as unworthy of a relationship until you’ve achieved all of the things that you think you need to do or be before manifesting a partner.

And this is something that I can talk about from my personal experience.

I always used to think and believe that once I do a specific kind of healing work (let’s say inner child), then I’ll be ready for manifesting a partner.

And this is a HUGE block for manifesting a soul mate!

When you tell the Universe that you are not ready for something, you are merely delaying the process and creating resistance.

What I encourage you to do when writing this list is to feel worthy and enough. That just because there are things that you could improve or work on, this doesn’t make you less deserving of a lover or a partner.

When you manifest a healthy and loving relationship, your partner can be a container of support for you to grow into your future self.

Life is all about continuous growth and evolution. And if you keep delaying manifesting a partner until you are ‘ready’, then you will never manifest him into your reality.

I’m so grateful for discovering this. It was something that I was doing to self-sabotage the manifestation process without knowing!

And the exciting thing is that once you heal something, let’s a childhood wound; you will discover another thing that needs to be worked on (for example stepping into your feminine essence).

So be very mindful when creating this list, to write it from a place of self-love and self-compassion.

Examples of what I would write in this post include things like completely letting go of my past, releasing any sense of victimhood, deepening my friendships and connections with others, embracing my feminine essence and softening.

Soul Collective Membership Course this July

I’m so excited about launching the membership feature, which is part of my Soul Collective website.

I plan to do a FREE week-long training with twenty members about a topic like manifesting a soul mate.

Then, I will open my one-on-one coaching sessions for clients.

The next round of membership will be at a reasonable fee, and it will be a month-long training.

There will be daily mini-training with an exercise at the end of each video.

The training will give you step-by-step guidance on how to manifest a soul mate by connecting to your authentic self.

It’s something that I’m very passionate about. I’m so excited to share with you all the tips in their correct order.

If you have any other topics or suggestions for a membership course (video training), please comment with your idea on this post.

Have a lovely Monday and enjoy your energizing workout!

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    Thank you very much for this beautiful article. I really enjoyed reading this. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Your points are really helpful to find out the perfect partner.

    • Saudi Diva says:

      My pleasure Reese. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed reading this article. You can sign up to the blog to receive weekly manifestation and wellness stories to your inbox. You can also get a Manifestation Guide when signing up to my upcoming book’s newsletter in the ‘book’ page of my website. Talk soon!

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