Manifestation Signs: Seeing your Desire Mirrored Back in your Reality

This morning, I went to a cafe that I’ve been to many times in the past couples of months.

I noticed that the Barista who was making my coffee had a cool tattoo on his arm. I asked him if it was new and it turns out it was.

Some people might think: “what’s the big deal about this story?”

Let me explain. Since I’ve been on a deep self-discovery and healing journey since October 2016, I’ve been uncovering the layers of conditioning.

What’s fascinating is how long this process can take. I’m forty and a half and I’m still discovering my true self. What about you?

What Uncovering your True Self does to Manifesting

You know how many people tell you that you will find love when you find yourself? well it’s very true and it makes so much sense!

I feel like without knowing who you truly are in essence, it can be impossible to manifest a good match.

Some couples connect based on their conditioning and how similar it can be. This is not how you manifest using the law of attraction.

When manifesting a partner using the law of attraction, it’s essential to know your true self because you can only manifest what’s authentic to you and part of who you really are in essence.

You can read my latest blog post about how embracing certain traits of my personality is helping me manifest people who reflect those unique qualities.

And that’s exactly what happened this morning. The Barista who made my coffee is hipster and different. This is why he has tattoos – he showed me another tattoo on his arm.

What’s interesting is that I’ve been living in Dubai for over a decade (since April 2010) and I only started seeing these alternative and hipster types in my reality recently.

It’s because I just discovered and honored my hipster, alternative and original vibes and personality!

Another Manifestation Sign

What happened in this story, was that I saw someone who looked exactly like my type in my neighborhood – very close to my building.

This is another powerful sign that shows up when you get close to manifesting your desire.

Basically, your desire gets mirrored back to you in your life. And that’s what I’m experiencing with a lot of artistic, alternative, creative, hipster types showing up for me daily – both online and offline!

Manifesting can be so much fun and rewarding when you’re not focused on the goal and are simply enjoying the process.

And that’s the right way to manifest. You want to focus on the experience and what makes you feel good and inspired.

One-on-one Coaching for March

If you feel ready to work with a certified coach to uncover the real you from under the family and societal conditioning and to manifest your dream life and partner, I have limited spots available for March.

I blend NLP, spirituality and the law of attraction to help you get to a place where you feel so confident about yourself and your manifestation journey.

You can read client success stories here and here.

Feel free to comment with any thoughts or questions. And send me a message if you feel called to manifest your dream partner!


Manifestation Signs

Manifestation Signs: Law of attraction Signs that you’re close to manifesting

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