Law of Attraction Coaching Success Story: Tanya’s Engagement

I honestly feel drained with this intense Full Moon energy. So I’ll keep this blog post super short.

I’m opening my one-on-one coaching sessions in January. And until then, I would like to answer any questions that you might have about my coaching or company Soul Collective.

Law of Attraction Coaching Success Story

You can read client success stories here. One of my favorite client success stories is the recent engagement of my friend Tanya.

When I coached Tanya, we mostly covered other areas of her life. We didn’t focus on dating or love at all.

I would say that was probably the area which we focused on the least!

When working on manifesting a healthy, loving relationship, you can look at other areas of your life.

You want to really dive deep into your inner world. Release all the limiting beliefs and blocks that are standing between you and your dream life.

My coaching sessions with Tanya were always fun. I truly enjoyed seeing her grow and evolve into the real and authentic version of herself.

I’m blessed with the most incredible clients. They are all on the path of spiritual growth and personal development.

What was so refreshing was how high Tanya’s sense of self-awareness and commitment to growth was.

As our coaching sessions went by, at one point, she was sharing with me concepts that only coaches are familiar with!

I honestly thought that our roles were reversed at one moment! that’s how advanced and committed she was to her growth!

The Power of Transformation

It gives me deep pleasure to see these powerful transformations and success stories with my clients.

As such, Tanya is now engaged to a man who shares her values, interests and adventurous side!

When you do the work to uncover your true, authentic self, magic happens. You can manifest with so much ease and flow!

If you want to know more about Soul Collective coaching and how I can help you get over any limiting beliefs, blocks or overcome your fears, doubts and old thought patterns, drop me a message and let’s talk!

I’ll be sharing about my coaching on my Instagram page as well. So make sure that you follow me there.

Stay tuned for a new Wellness Wednesday blog post this Wednesday!

law of attraction coaching

Law of Attraction Coaching

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