Manifestation Not Working? It’s Because You Don’t Know Your True Self

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The energy since the last solar eclipse has been so intense and powerful.

If you didn’t know, the past solar eclipse and New Moon on June 21 opened a portal for manifesting.

So if you’ve been setting intentions, taking inspired action and trusting, then this is a powerful time to speed up your manifesting.

Apart from that, yesterday’s Full Moon was also intense. Full Moons are excellent for releasing the old energy, habits and blocks.

I did a short ritual last night, and I slept for nine hours – because my body needed it.

It’s also normal to need more sleep at the time of the full moon. Your body needs to recover and release the old.

The past month was very interesting on a personal level.

I experienced three major water shutdowns in my building, and these lasted for about a day.

We had two shutdowns in one week! The most recent one was on Wednesday afternoon. It lasted from 4:00 pm on Wednesday to 8:00 am on Thursday! This was by far the longest one we’ve had, but they all lasted for almost a day each!

The positive thing that came out of the lockdown is that it shook up my routine. So I had to switch up the time and order that I did things during my day. Of course, this is always a good thing for manifesting my desires!

Shaking Up My Routine

If you’re not familiar with this, shaking up your routine helps give momentum to your manifestation.

Another reason why I’m not actively blogging these days is that I’ve been stepping into my true self by taking things easy and listening to my body.

So instead of following a very rigid and structured schedule and doing the things that I should do – whether I feel like it or not – I now do what I feel like doing at any moment of my day. To understand how this can help you manifest faster, check out this blog post.

The good news is that there will be four new blog posts this week to make up for the past two weeks—three new ones on Saudi Diva and one on Soul Collective blog this Friday. Make sure to subscribe to the Soul Collective newsletter to get a free guide on how to attract synchronicity and manifest faster.

Another important update is that I watched a movie that I had on DVD for a little over a decade on Saturday night.

So a friend was telling me about her favorite romantic comedy movie, and I realized that I had it wrapped in its plastic covering since I bought it sometime in the winter of 2009 when I was living in London!

The reason is simple: I wanted to watch movies with a partner and not alone.

Of course, I now discovered that I have to accept my single status and live in the present moment to attract my soulmate. You can also read about this manifestation secret here.

I got inspired to share this topic after I posted something on my Instagram about this. B.t.w. I now post daily to my Instagram feed except for Saturdays and Sundays. And I sometimes share tips that I don’t necessarily write blog posts on.

So make sure to follow me on Instagram not to miss a manifestation tip or secret.

Manifestation Not Working? Here’s Why.

One of the primary reasons that you’re not manifesting your desire is that you don’t know who you are in essence.

Most of us grew up in families and lived in societies. What happens when you live as part of a family system is that you start to take on their beliefs, habits and ways of thinking and living.

This is how your authentic self gets hidden. It gets covered with all these layers of societal and family conditioning and programming.

Years of deep inner work and several intense Osho group therapy sessions uncovered my own authentic self.

It turned out that my true, hippie self had nothing to do with my family of origin or the region where I was raised.

Living in a city like Dubai as a hippie means that I don’t belong at all! and I’m OK with that!

What is more important than fitting in or being accepted is finding your true self so you can manifest a life that matches that beautiful and authentic self.

I plan to spend more time in Bali once I can travel there again. So by doing that, my soul can feel more peaceful and content.

Apart from that, I love and accept myself to the fullest extent, I don’t compare myself to anyone, and I live in alignment with that authentic, hippie self.

At home, I practice hobbies that match my hippie self. I don’t look for places or groups that match my personality in Dubai, because they are so few and rare. It’s easy to connect with like-minded people from all over the world in different Facebook groups and other social networks.

I do me, and I love the freedom that being true to my soul essence brings.

What you can do to Uncover your True Self

Not knowing who you are in essence and what your true self identifies with is a block to manifesting your desires.

It’s impossible to manifest your desires when you don’t know who you are.

Because manifesting your dream vision requires you to be in alignment with the Universe. And when you’re not connected to your authentic self, you are not living in alignment with the Universe.

When manifesting anything, you need to line up with that version of you that already has that desire.

The fastest way to do that is to live out of your core vibration and authentic self. And if you’re not living from that place of true alignment, then you are far from being connected to the divine energy and frequency where you can be magnetic.

I’m going to launch an online course soon, and the first round will be free. So let me know if this is a topic that you would like me to cover or if you have other suggestions.

Feel free to comment with your ideas and suggestions.

Have a lovely day, and speak to you soon!

Manifestation Not Working?

Manifestation Not Working? Do you know your own self?

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