Manifestation Monday: Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Happy Manifestation Monday! This time, I’m honest about the fact that there are no words to describe how I feel.

Let me state why. I’m sat at Starbucks Reserve Dewata on Sunset Road to write this post. I’m in my active wear and I have to get going in forty-five minutes to finalize packing, check out of the hotel and head to the airport.

I just met two ladies – who came and sat at the sofa right next to me – and they told me how they just got back from a wellness retreat. They attended a retreat over the weekend and came to Starbucks to catch up.

So far, this is normal. I’m attracting like-minded people everywhere I go because I’m living out of my soul essence and core vibration.

What’s magical about this story is that one of the ladies – who happens to be half-Algerian – shared about how she met her husband in Bali and that it was a love story.

Of course this is because I was curious about how she spoke Bahasa and I asked her what brought her to Bali.

She spoke about the importance of synchronicity, manifesting with intention and high vibrations.

You might think that I’m making this story up, but it’s entirely true. She couldn’t share the story of how she met her husband because of time constraints but we exchanged numbers and I’ll be asking her about it when I get back to Dubai.

She was very friendly and open to share her story with me, especially when I told her that I’m writing a book about synchronicity and manifesting a partner by following the messages from the Universe.

The lady also kept repeating the word ‘love’ and I feel that she was sent to me by the Universe!

Always Step out of your Comfort Zone

Here’s the thing. I met these two ladies right after I did the following:

I came into this two-story Starbucks Reserve store and ordered a snack and a coffee.

It was the case that I went upstairs to sit. In addition, I didn’t like how it was noisy so I decide to change seats after having my croissant.

I went looking for a free washroom to use and after I found one, I walked around to decide on where to sit to write this post.

The entire time while doing this, I was thinking about how I need to break the conditioning and just explore this spacious Starbucks!

I brought awareness to the fact that with my past conditioning, I would be sat in one corner (the original corner which I chose) and I wouldn’t move. So I decided to walk around the space and choose where to sit next.

Now this is a huge Starbucks store with multiple outdoor seating areas. It has a terrace, a nursery, a farmers’ documentary video room and its own reception area!

So for me to choose a spot and for these two ladies to eventually sit at the sofa right next to me is no coincidence!

This specific incident was a result of me setting an intention for this book project and taking inspired action.

Even the lady said something about how I met her at the end of my two-month trip! It’s literally the last two hours of my Bali stay!

Heal your Relationship with your Female Friends

I know that I keep writing about this topic. But it’s an important one and I can’t highlight it enough.

On my last evening in Seminyak, I organized a pizza night at Bali’s best pizzeria near my hotel.

I feel so blessed to have my two soul sisters Vanessa and Ceria in my life!

The Universe made us connect to support each other in our healing and manifestation journeys.

As usual, we shared so many laughs and stories over good, Italian-style pizza, local wine and divine affogato!

When we said goodbye, they could see how much I didn’t want to leave and they commented on how I looked sad!

But I replied that I will be back in October and that time flies! So that’s the plan and I’m so excited!

Trust and the Universe sends you Messages

I had my last Balinese massage at the hotel’s spa yesterday and guess what?

I was taken to a room with two beds again! total synchronicity and it’s because I already manifested a partner energetically.

So, the work is done. Now it’s only about being open to receiving him and trusting that he will appear in the physical in the right time!

Now because it’s actually freezing cold in this Starbucks, I’m going to finish writing this post here. It’s time to head back to the hotel to finish packing and fly back to Dubai. This is something that I’m not looking forward to at all.

Can you believe that I even went and got waxing done this morning at a Canggu salon so that I don’t have to visit the salon in Dubai?!

Yes, I like to hide when I’m there. Because I don’t belong there at all and the place doesn’t match my soul essence or energy!

And since I’m tired of being super woman and doing everything on my own, I decided that this year will be all about travel, living out of my core vibration of freedom and following the messages from the Universe!

Stay tuned to my blog to find out where I’m flying out to next!

I won’t be active on my Instagram story while in Dubai. So you can find me on this blog, my Facebook page and on Twitter.

All the links are on this site.

Sending you magical vibes from Starbucks Reserve Dewata!



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