Manifestation Monday: Start by Finding Fulfillment in your Life

Happy Manifestation Monday!

The new month of December brings with it so much hope and clarity that I deeply felt yesterday morning.

This is a blessed time as we all clear the old energy of the past nine months and make space for the new.

I personally have made so many lifestyle changes since getting back from my recent healing workshops.

One major change is the way that I use social media every day. Instead of spending my day creating content on Instagram, Instagram stories, Twitter and Facebook, I now limit my content creation to Facebook and Twitter.

I plan to occasionally post on my Instagram profile when I need to announce the launch of my new Soul Collective website or something.

This decision leaves space for new things to enter my life. I’ll also now be connected to my body more.

One con of social media is that as a creator, I am constantly living out of my mind.

It’s also very time-consuming and time is one thing that we can never get back.

So, I might as well spend my day doing things that I love and exploring other ways to market my blog and life coaching business.

Another new lifestyle change that I’ve made since getting back from my trip is swapping training at the gym with a trainer with long walks in the neighborhood.

Aside from the fact that I found it restricting to go to the gym three times a week at a certain time to train with a personal trainer, I also released that part of me that pushes and forces things.

Basically, my top personal value is freedom and having to go to the gym at a certain time three days a week to meet and train with a personal trainer is totally against this core vibration.

Another point is that the part of me who likes to push myself and my limits to perform is purely a conditioned role.

It’s time to let go of all of the parts that are not me. This is a major part of any spiritual awakening journey.

Since getting back from my recent Osho Miasto trip, I’ve been going for long walks in the neighborhood and anywhere else where I find myself at any given moment.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be going to the gym in my building to train on my own and without pushing myself to my limits.

I truly believe that this conditioning works against me and not for me. It’s important to continue growing in all areas of life. However, this doesn’t need to be forced or done in an aggressive and masculine way.

We also have a nice pool in the building where I can do laps and switch up my training routine.

What’s interesting is that all of these changes tie up closely to the concept of finding fulfillment in one’s life before attracting a romantic relationship.

It’s true that I’ve always been active throughout my time living in Dubai. I’ve tried a wide range of group exercise classes. When I didn’t go to a class, I would go for long walks or visit the beach.

But this renewed sense of “I am enough” wasn’t always existent. My energy was going outwards instead of focusing inwards.

I was always looking for something external to make me feel content and fulfilled. In reality, the only one who can make you feel this way is yourself. And the connection to your soul is the most important relationship to nurture before any other.

These days I’m finding fulfillment and contentment that’s coming from within. And no external element or situation can mess with it or disturb its flow.

I’m extremely grateful for the past and its lessons because it brought me to this beautiful way of being.

I encourage you to find your ideal lifestyle routine and choices. Do what makes your soul feel alive. Be comfortable in your own skin before seeking partnership with another.

Always do what makes YOU happy and fulfilled. Follow your intuition and create a lifestyle that matches your soul essence and way of being.

And remember to always focus your energy inwards. Don’t chase or look for finding fulfillment in the outside world, because we all attract what we are. So start with the connection with your soul and your reality will follow.

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