Manifestation Mistakes: Why Being realistic is Blocking your Manifesting

I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago and I asked her about a friend’s divorced mom.

I said: “Is she dating?” My friend’s response was: “If you and I can’t find someone, do you think she can find someone? Be realistic!”

And that’s exactly how you block your soulmate dream life from manifesting.

If you’ve been following my posts, you would know that acting as if you have a partner is a basic law of attraction tip.

If you missed that post, you can read it here.

Why Ignoring your Current Reality is Important

The truth is that you’re always manifesting and the Universe is constantly working in the background to deliver your dream life to you.

All you have to do is set a clear intention, trust the process and take inspired action.

If you want to fast-track the manifestation process, start acting and feeling like your future self who already has that dream life or partner.

What my friend said basically confirms to the Universe that she’s single and struggling to manifest a healthy, loving relationship.

A fact about the law of attraction is that whatever you say and feel is what gets reflected in your reality.

So if you keep acting, thinking and feeling like a single person, then guess what? you will stay single until you shift your vibration and thoughts.

This is why ignoring your current reality – while accepting it – is the way to go.

Accept where you are in life, that you’re single and don’t resist it. But at the same time, don’t focus on it either!

Just keep taking inspired action based on the signs that the Universe sends you and feel it as if it’s done.

We are Realistic because of our Conditioning 

Most of my friends and clients are mind-identified because of their upbringing and conditioning.

And living from an analytical, logical and rational place doesn’t support manifesting at all. If anything, it blocks it!

When you understand that your job is to line up with that version of you that already has that dream life and partner, you stop saying things or having thoughts that counter that future reality.

You can read my blog post about having counter thoughts and how it slows down the manifestation process here.

So if you are working on manifesting your dream life or partner, dream as big as you can and ignore your current reality.

Because you can truly have anything that you desire as long as you believe in yourself and in the powerful ways of the Universe.

Focus on being optimistic and avoid being realistic or even worse, pessimistic. Because these thoughts and emotions are standing between you and your dream life.

Manifestation Mistakes

Are you realistic or optimistic when it comes to creating your dream soulmate life?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Manifestation mistakes

Don’t make manifestation mistakes. Being realistic and manifesting love.

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  • Alanna says:

    I have a question and would love your feedback. I feel like I trust my gut intuition and know when something is up in a relationship but have another people saying that I am manifesting those feelings into them actually happening. Thoughts ?

    • Saudi Diva says:

      Hello Alanna! Thank you for sharing your question with me and trusting me with your feelings. Sometimes, when we don’t feel worthy or secure, we attract situations and people that reflect how we feel about ourselves. If you haven’t done any work to release your limiting beliefs or old patterns, then it could be that your reality is simply reflecting these insecurities or limiting beliefs. Don’t get caught up with what others have to say. Focus on your own self-love and spiritual growth journey. Are you investing time and energy to love yourself and feel worthy of a healthy and loving relationship? If so, then keep doing this and eventually things will shift for you. And above all, always trust your intuition and gut feeling – it’s your compass and guide. All the best, Leela

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