Manifestation Blocks: Low Vibes and Energy

It’s been a week since my last blog post because I’m feeling the intensity of the Mercury Retrograde. First it was the full moon and now it’s the retrograde. And last week, it was the full moon, lunar eclipse and retrograde all at the same time. So I couldn’t get myself to write.

Retrogrades are never easy times. The last Mercury Retrograde was in October of last year and I was in Malta at that time. It was the worst decision to plan a trip at retrograde season. But now I know why.

Apart from the cosmic news, I’ve been experiencing back-to-back incidents which made me decide to spend six months in Bali next year. I’ve had this plan to spend more time in Bali for ages and I think now is the right time.

On an almost daily basis, I see relocation and moving trucks everywhere I go. Recently, the companies are specifically for relocating to Asian countries. So the messages from the Universe are getting louder and bigger. I have to take action.

But the main reason that’s making me choose to relocate to Bali for six months in the summer of 2023 is that my current city is not aligned with my personality and true self. Nothing changed. What changed is that I did the deep work to uncover my true self.

Once you’re living from your true self, it becomes very clear what and who is aligned with your soul essence and energy.

I like the comfort and safety of living in a place like Dubai. But I know that it’s time for a move. It’s evident and it’s unavoidable.

How this relates to manifesting love

One reason is obvious: my person doesn’t live in Dubai. I know that the profile that I’m manifesting doesn’t live in this city. Another deeper and more spiritual reason is that since I’m living from a low vibration while I’m in this city, manifesting my dream life and person can be challenging.

The truth is that vibration and energy is directly linked to manifesting. So if you’re manifesting something big like a relationship, you want to be in a high vibration for most of the day. Which is not my case while living here.

What happens on a daily basis (except for Saturdays when I stay at home) is that I start my day with a high vibration. I have a solid morning ritual of silent meditation (I light up some incense sticks) and then I make myself a healthy and clean breakfast. I always leave my place feeling great and excited. Then, from that moment onwards, everything goes down hill.

Because the city’s vibe is so fast, hectic and stressful, I pick up that energy as an empath and I feel anxious and stressed. It doesn’t stop here. When I go to certain places that are not aligned with my personality, I experience really bad things and I end up feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and agitated.

Energy Always Transfers

To give you an example of how I pick up bad energy as an empath, let me share a story from this morning.

I decided to check out a cafe that I’ve been following on Instagram. It took me around ten minutes or more to find the place because it’s located in a corner of a building with no clear sign. After asking around and speaking to the security (who was on the phone for about two or three minutes), I managed to find the place. But I felt like the energy and concept of the cafe wasn’t aligned with my personality at all.

After I spent about an hour there, I went to get groceries from a store that I always frequent and then headed back home. Guess what happened as soon as I stepped into my apartment?

One of my crystal healing beaded bracelets broke and the beads were scattered all over the floor. This is the second time this happens in about two weeks (with two different beaded bracelets). I need to buy new bracelets when I go back to Bali!

Because energy transfers and never dies, the bad energy from that neighborhood of that cafe (I felt it and saw a few things) transferred to my bracelet and luckily not to me. But of course my energy body still picked up foreign entities from that place.

Your Vibrational Frequency Matters

Anyway, this is not the first time that something like this happens to me. I’ve been experiencing back-to-back incidents like this for the past couple of months. But because I’m someone who focuses on the positive and the good, I wouldn’t give these incidents much attention. The downside? My vibration is being impacted each time something like this happens and this blocks my manifesting.

So while I’m good at starting each day with a centered and grounded energy, I’m not able to maintain this vibrational frequency because of my environment (city).

After twelve years in Dubai, I decided that next year (in July), I will make the big move to Bali and spend six months of the year there.

There are other reasons that are pushing me to make this decision like my noisy neighbors.

It’s basically the Universe pushing me to take action and relocate. I can’t deny it and I reached a point where the pain of staying in my current situation is greater than the pain of leaving. Let me explain why 🙂

Why I didn’t relocate to Bali earlier

I’ve written so many posts about the masculine and feminine energy and how I hate leading with my masculine energy.

Well since relocating to another country requires me to be in my masculine energy with all the planning and document preparation, I was avoiding the Bali move for some time.

I also thought that I will move once I meet my person. But this is not how the law of attraction works for two reasons:

  1. I’m not able to manifest my person while living in Dubai because my vibration isn’t high (as I explained above).
  2. When manifesting something big, you want to be on the path. What this means is that if I want to live somewhere other than Dubai with my partner, then I must make a semi-move first. You can read a blog post about this topic here.

One major positive of this pandemic is that it gave us all time to reflect on ourselves and our lives. For me, there have been multiple breakthroughs and the recent one is that I have to spend six months of the year in Bali starting July 2023.

I’m grateful that I manifested a good visa agency in Bali (after a bad experience with another agency in my last Bali trip). So all I have to do is contact them to ask when I can start preparing my documents. I’m also considering a few areas in Bali that I want to live in. So I have a pretty good idea of what my plan looks like.

Another positive thing is that things in Bali are just starting to open up. So hopefully by next year in the summer, everything will be back to normal. I believe so.

The Dilemma

So the dilemma was that I didn’t want to be in my masculine energy with the relocation plan. Since I’m working on softening and living from my feminine side. But since I’ve been experiencing back-to-back negative incidents and crystal clear signs that I should move, I will have to go ahead with this plan and lead with my masculine energy. It’s the only solution.

I honestly can’t tell you how my energy is being impacted on a daily basis. A simple example is the fact that it’s now challenging to get a cab in my neighborhood each morning. I left at 8:30 am today and the fare for Uber was 2.3 times higher. This is standard now.

The truth is that I’ve been leaving my home early each day to avoid the Taxi situation but it’s not possible because it’s busy even at 8:00 am!

To add to this problem, let me share with you an update. A new gym that I signed up for and is located in an area about 9 kilometers away from my hood is opening next week. So stay tuned for what I will do then! I think I will just leave home at 8:00 am and have coffee somewhere before the training. Of course I will only train three times a week as I can’t take a cab to that hood each day!

Reflecting on Life

When I look back at the past two years and more since the pandemic started, I realize that most of that period was spent processing inner child work. But even when I was done integrating the work, my life revolves around having coffee at a cafe, planning my meals and deciding on recipes, grocery shopping, cooking, doing house chores at home and laundry, dreaming about relocating, watching daily Bali life updates YouTube videos and scripting my travel/move plans.

I feel like I’m basically avoiding life in the city where I am and most of the times when I’m out and about, I feel frustrated and my vibration goes really low.

I can count the number of places where I feel the energy is good and they are aligned with my soul on one hand. This is a fact.

This blog post turned into a rant but it was meant to explain to you why living from a place of low vibration can block your manifesting!

Since I’m done with the book-writing process, expect new blog posts on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The next stage for the book is design and publishing. So stay tuned!

Do you feel like you’re living from a high vibration? What is standing in your way of living in a high vibration? Let me know!


Manifestation Blocks

Manifestation Blocks

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