Manifest Anything: Act As If You Already Have it.

In last week’s post, I shared about how I’m experiencing major shifts in my relationship with my dad. You can read that story here. The integration of the deep energy work that I did took two and a half years in total. I forgot to mention the total timeline in that post. I’ll be sharing the workshop details for the inner child work that I did in my upcoming book.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing all sorts of strange things because of the Mercury Retrograde. There’s a full moon tonight too and a lunar eclipse. I honestly got tired of following all these cosmic cycles and astrological shifts.

This morning, I was getting my nails done and the technician said: “Maybe you will meet someone” after I shared with her that I’m traveling soon. It’s interesting how the Universe speaks to us through other people. I replied that yes that’s possible and that a psychic told me that I will meet my person overseas. So I’m open to the possibility.

Another powerful sign that showed up for me was the name ‘Shiva’ on two occasions that were back-to-back.

The first time was the waiter name at a Thai restaurant where I was having lunch with my dad. And the second time was this morning at the grocery store. There was a staff who weighed my fruits and veggies with the name ‘Shiva’!

I truly believe that it’s a sign that I should go back to Bali. Because ‘Shiva’ is a Hindu God and Bali is a place where I have a strong connection to and its population is predominantly Hindu.

What signs from the Universe are you noticing or receiving?

Do You Want a Dream Life or Partner? Act As If You Already Have it.

I wrote a blog post about the topic of ‘acting as if‘ recently and you can read it here. Since this is an important step in manifesting a relationship, I thought of sharing another example of ‘acting as if’.

Being a real foodie, I chose different places for the meals that I had with my dad during his stay. Because of the retrograde, one place was closed for lunch although they took my reservation when I called to book one day earlier. But apart from that incident, we enjoyed all of our meals together and our favorite was the last one.

For our last lunch, we visited an authentic Thai restaurant in the old part of Dubai. It’s called SukoThai and it’s the best Thai food you can get in Dubai. I can’t even describe how good our curries were. Everything we ordered was so fresh and they keep the food warm by using special bowls with tea light candles under them. The service was friendly too and the interiors are so authentic.

Because I have a big love for Asian food and for Asia in general, going to an authentic Thai restaurant is a perfect example of acting as if I already have my partner and dream life.

Simple things like having coffee at Starbucks and sharing a slice of cake after our lunches are ways of attracting my dream life to me. And I encourage you to do the same.

Embrace Your Future Vision

Whatever your dream life looks like, start living it now by doing the things that you would do in that future vision.

Do you enjoy going for hikes? What about a specific activity or sport? Do you like dining at nice restaurants? Try incorporating these activities into your life now – as much as you can.

Leaving you with some snapshots from our last lunch together and sending you good vibes in this retrograde season.


Act as If You Already Have it

Act as If You Already Have it


Acting as if you have your desire


Acting as if you have your desire


Act as If You Already Have it

Act as If You Already Have it

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