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I mentioned in an earlier post about how I managed to pull the energy of a man towards me at a Bali beach club by repeating the line: I’m looking for a soul companion, please come and find me. To find out more, read this post.

Love Lessons in Bali

Unlike my previous Bali trip, this one was focused on sourcing stories for my new blog and looking for my soul companion. After a very popular Dubai-based psychic told me that I will meet that man abroad, I felt that it was my mission to search for him whenever I traveled.
Since landing in Bali on April 17, I managed to successfully attract a few men towards me. I know, I was surprised that this method would work too. I actually tried it a few times with no luck until it finally started to become reality.
For the purpose of keeping this love lessons post short, I won’t get into details of how all my energy pull trials went. I do want to tell you about one specific occasion which was so surreal and magical.

Magical Events

It all started when I attended a speed networking event at Canggu’s popular co-working space. I made a decision to engage with the community in my trip and so I had to do this no matter how I felt on the day or at the time. From all of the like-minded people who I spoke with in three-minute introductions, one specific guy seemed interested in me.
Later that evening, we run into each other at a local café where I was having dinner. He gave me his number and so we kept in touch. Without planning anything, I see him the following day at the beach after a long walk that I did and that got me in tears. Read about it here.
After our random encounter, we agree to go to a café together as he was looking for a place to eat. On a third occasion, we meet at a club night at a local beach. Not only did we run into each other, but he was standing right next to me in a dark space packed with party animals and free spirits.
I thought that three times was too much of a sheer coincidence, so I spoke to my friends in Bali and they encouraged me to take a step to meet him again. Being the ever-bold and brave one, I did. We went for a second meetup one morning at a cozy local café and we both agreed to keep in touch.

Not Meant to Be?

The thing is, he was leaving Bali to another island for a surf trip with a friend. So we only had three days to meet before he left. Right after we met that morning, I went for a long walk at the beach where I got my iPhone wet and it’s been dead since then. Read about this here.
Since we only communicated briefly via what’s app and since my phone is no longer working and I never really cared to back up my data, we weren’t able to meet or communicate after that morning. We are following each other on Instagram but of course that’s on hold for now because of the phone situation.
I don’t want this post to drag along and turn into a romantic drama but I truly believe that this relationship wasn’t meant to last. Hence, the phone going dead right after our second positive meeting. I feel like the Universe did this to protect me or to prevent me from taking this relationship any further.

Is there a Mr Right?

In fact, this scenario is a recurring one in my life. I meet someone interesting. They strongly express their interest in me. I respond positively. They disappear. End of story.
B.t.w. Sometimes, they re-appear too! But then it’s too late. You get what I’m trying to say, right?
I’m just wondering when this Mr. Right who will actually stay show up? I know for a fact that I’m not doing anything wrong to drive these men away. Perhaps when it’s meant to be then it will happen effortlessly? I won’t have to chase anyone or be the one who initiates every meeting.
Did you have similar experiences or love lessons to my story? Do you think I’m doing anything wrong?

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