How My Wet iPhone Stopped Working

wet iphone

Have you ever had a wet Iphone that stopped working?

A Walk On the Beach

I was walking along the beach this afternoon when the tide was high and the waves took away my flip flops. As I ran into the ocean to save a pair that got taken away by the powerful waves, the water splashed all over me including the iPhone in my bag.
The interesting thing is that my lost sandal made its way back to me despite the rough ocean waters. I also managed not to loose any of my valuables in that high tide moment.

My Wet Iphone Stopped Working

After my brief encounter with the waves, I headed to a nearby beach bar to get some tissue to dry off my wallet that also got wet. Luckily, there was no huge damage to my money or cards. What completely escaped my mind was the fact that my phone might have gotten wet too. Since it was in my bag which was zipped, I thought that it would be safe. I didn’t pay any attention to it.
About ten or fifteen minutes later, when I check my phone for the time, I find out that it’s not working. A few hopeless attempts to turn it on as I walked back to the hotel, some google search results and an hour or so later, it now rests peacefully in a medium bowl covered with uncooked rice.
The online articles suggest that you leave it for three days before attempting to switch it on. And if that doesn’t work, you can keep it there for another day. Then repeat.

Freedom From Technology

Honestly speaking, I felt a great sense of relief when walking down Batu Bolong road without a phone to worry about. Somehow, I feel like it’s a sign from the Universe for me to start a new chapter in life. If I loose all my contacts (since I never backed up my phone data), then whoever is meant to stay in my life, will appear back. And those who were causing unnecessary noise or extra baggage will simply disappear for eternity.
Luckily, I followed my Indonesian friend’s Twitter account when we met! So at least we can still meet and communicate through that platform.
It’s time for a new healthy beginning. No space for drama, negativity or bad vibes.
Did you ever get your iPhone wet and it stopped working? If so, how did you solve it?

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